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June 27, 2017

WooHoo! Glastonbury 2017 was amazing!

I was lucky to be there. I spent weeks sundancing and preparing myself; diet, exercise and making my new summer 2017 Cazza fans, just in time.

Last year I made orange Glastonbury 2016 fans, to say thank you to all for the brilliant festival, they were a hit!

This year I want a yellow fan to encourage the sun and peace, love and happiness signs to bring joy to many. None more joyous than...

July 5, 2016

I love Glastonbury festival and this year to say thank you, I made 100 CAZZA Glastonbury 2016 neon orange fans to give away to spread happiness and take lots of photographs of lovely folk.

I met lots of great people and hope you kept cool while trudging in the mud, discussing #Brexit, fanning to the beat and more.

Thank you to all, Glastonbury Festival is like no other, unity, love and music.

Please share with your friends and se...

June 28, 2016

I met Caroline Lucas recently after Cazza Investigates: Dementia; is prevention the cure in April 2016. Caroline Lucas is my MP and I’m so thankful. She has a positive vision of the future and I’d love to her to do everything in her power to remain in the EU.

I refuse to feel negative about this current political situation.

Why worry about the uncertainty and what will happen? Nobody knows, anything could happen…

I haven’t seen m...

May 24, 2016

Today I talk about why I am called Cazza. And ask, should I drop My Cazza for another monthly feature?


I said in the first My Cazza, March 2016 I would write My Cazza story if I didn't have any My Cazza's to post.


My Cazza isn't all about me. I would love friends to show their love for their My Cazza. I would really love this feature to flourish and be an amazing shining light of love and friendship and global bonding of the C...

April 26, 2016

My Cazza first came into focus for me at Putney High School, aged 15. We were both in our chrysalis form, just emerging out from mousy brown pudding bowls and Shakatack Clark shoes into the 'Sun In' hair, fake tan, blue eyeliner, and strange whitish cover up lipstick. We were off uncurling our wings.


Off in our bomber jackets, fast and loose in London nightclubs. Off with a fiver each. We'd head to Astoria, Mud Club, Enter the...

March 29, 2016

Dear Cazza. 

There really is only one true Cazza in my life and that is you. You're truly unique, but if there had to be another, it would be Cazza Flack. 

We met the lovely and bonkers Caroline Flack during her stint at Strictly Come Dancing where she was a revelation. She really wasn't on my radar as I had never watch the programs she has hosted but swiftly fell for her kooky charms. She made dancing look like pure joy and Sat...

March 1, 2016

Introducing a brand new monthly feature on ‘My Cazza’

Where friends with anyone with the nickname Cazza writes 250ish words about their ‘My Cazza’. A funny story, how you met, why you love her so much, aspirations for your relationship, nice stuff. Not sure if any gripes should be aired in the 250 words - let’s see what people write?


And a few lovely photographs of you and your Cazza.


In retur...

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