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You have dreams. A dream life, partner, children, job, house, car, adventures, health, wealth...

It's not easy to follow your dreams, things hold you back, mostly your mind, saying to yourself 

'I can't do that!' 'I'm not good enough' 'I don't have any money' 'I'm living in a fantasyland' 'Am I mad!'

A dream is an idea, something in your head. To follow your dreams is hard and the only way to be successful is never give up, keep learning and growing and get over anything holding you back.


I have owned since 2001, when I made bags and accessories and party capes. 

I went out a lot, partying round the world, having a ton of fun. 

In 2007 I had an epiphany about positive thought and over the last 10 years, I married my dream man, costume designed for award winning directors, have a child, houses in two countries and drive a pretty snazzy car. (sorry, not showing off, just telling the story...) and had the freedom to be. became a blog in 2016 when I was full time mumming, coming to terms with my mothers worsing Dementia, officially becoming middle aged, closing my studio and wanting to spark joy in all life. 


My missing piece, creative success. I have a mental block, that still needs clearing. I'm working on it and write about all the ways to improve myself and my memories and inspirations, ideas and whatever is effecting me at the time. Menopause is on the horizon, I'm preparing with cazza fans.

Sharing my journey, how ever crazy and life to inspire you. Why? 


I'd love you to have your best life, to be happy.

To inspire in a fun way with all my crazy ideas to prove you too can have everything you want.

What are your dreams? We only have one life, might as well have the best! The only way is UP!

What do you call a dream come true? Dream Success. I have many and I will share them on this page.

If you believe your dream will come true, it will, magically....

Watch this space! 


I am challenging myself to see if I can make all my #BIGdreams come true, there's a long list...

- DREAMS note book cazza x moleskin collaboration.

- Amazing mentor

- LPM swimming pool

- World peace

To name a few...


Cazza dancing on stage with Chic, Good Times Glastonbury 2017

LPM French farm renovation summer 2017

Story coming soon

My snazzy car, under wraps

Dream photo and story coming soon...

more dream success soon...

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