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June 1, 2018

Do you need inspiration to get your running trainers out of the box for a gentle jog? I have the perfect playlist for you.

Yes! MUSIC FRIDAY is back with an amazing RUN PLAYLIST complied by my brilliant husband.

It is our 10 year wedding anniversary this month. I am a very lucky lady.

RUN PLAYLIST features my favourite The Kids From Fame, Beyonce, Rozalla, Chaka Khan, Bruce Springsteen with his classic tune and so much more more...

April 27, 2018

Running is a great form of exercise for body and mind. Be careful if you’re a newbie you don’t want an injury from ill fitting shoes and not looking after yourself! And if you do hurt yourself rest.

Follow my Top 5 Tips to avoid injury. 

1.  Buy proper running shoes and insoles. Go to a running specialist shop and have your running style analysed and your feet specially measured. Buy insoles for your running shoes made specially...

April 20, 2018

The summer is here, hooray! A great way to shape up for the sunshine, running! Sponsored running keeps you motivated and raises money for much needed charities. ( Brownie points, I was a Pixie) Today on cazza.com news on last weeks BM10K and a new challenge, will you join me?

I have the running bug! I never thought I would say that! The BM10K and my darling friend Emma Sola inspired my new love of running and I’m so happy!...

April 13, 2018

Running is a great exercise! How to start running, the first challenge and raising funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK.


My darling friend Emma Sola, inspired me by starting her run training last year. She told me about the BM10K ‘fast and flat’ for Alzheimer’s Research UK, part of the Brighton marathon day, only easier. As a beginner, this looked perfect. One needs a challenge to keep you motivated.


1. Buy...

January 26, 2018

Another week in the life of Cazza; news of LPM, a new life diet and top tips for running with ease...

We returned to LPM at the weekend, our French renovation project. Riddled with issues due to the pouring rain, wind and heavy storms the region has seen this winter.  Look at the beautiful wooden floor! Ruined by leaks and humidity, plan B for the salon floor; concrete and tiles.

The path to a dream always has curves


January 12, 2018

Today I investigate vision boards. Do you want an amazing 2018? Read on to find out, do vision boards work?


A vision board is a powerful visual reminder of your hopes, wishes and dreams for the following year.  January is the perfect time to start afresh and think about your future. Keeps everything in your mind of what you want to be, do or have in your life.

Think of everything you want, maybe you’d love...

January 5, 2018

Happy New Year!!

Hope you are well and rested for the start of 2018 and you had a lovely new year.


We had a blissful time in Iceland with dear friends.

Reykjavik for New Year is a top spot to see fireworks and the Northern Lights. (The rescue service are funded by the sale of the fireworks and it’s a show off wealth when you send up a ton of explosions.)

The boom and blasts start at around 6pm and go on until 2am, (apart fr...

December 15, 2017


The Twelve Days of Christmas Jumpers is a hit!  

Zoe Ball started the auction on Saturday and raised a huge £350! Van Goffey, Russell Grant, Emiliana Torrini,  Katie Jones Knits, Sophie Robinson £825 raised so far!! and today gorgeous Daisy Lowe! 

Coming up over the next 6 days Pearl Lowe, Steve Coogan, Damian Lazarus, grlpwr gang


CAZZA'S TOP 5 BRIGHTON BOUTIQUES, 5 auctions in 24 hours with fabulous festive knit...

November 17, 2017


People say, 'You must be so upset, this is a difficult time, full of sadness and a deep sense of loss.'

I don’t feel like that about mum’s death. 

Mum died last week from a 7 year illness with Dementia, we spent her last day together holding her hand, reading poems, singing song, saying goodbye and thank you. She died peacefully with dad holding her hand, a perfect ending.

Mum’s illness took her from us many years ago,...

July 18, 2017

Joyous July continues with a Jump Cazzasize, literally jumping for joy! With Girls Aloud version of the classic Jump song.

A high energy 3.40 minute routine with lots of jumping; star jumps, spring star jumps, squats jumps and heel jumps (for when things get too much.)

Jump Cazzasize is fun fitness, jump for joy and follow me!


Have you followed me in  Cazzasize JUMP film I don't mind if you...

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