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The Gift of Goddess Skin

Have you ever tried Charlotte Tilbury's products? If you haven't, you must!

I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury and her products.

The Gift of Goddess Skin

I was gifted The Gift of Goddess Goddess Skin by a lovely friend for Christmas, a much appreciated present and very handy for my parched hungover skin on Boxing Day.

The little suitcase comprises of Charlotte's 3 best sellers, bite sized, 15ml of Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Magic Cream and Wonder Glow. A brilliant idea to gift package these items, more than a sample so you can really see how your skin likes them/ gets you hooked.

On my January and forever quest to look good, better, age gracefully, it was great to have three products to try. I like a lot of product; skin care and make up and always trying to find new things.

(I wasn't sure whether to post these pictures as I'm certainly not looking my best and feel a bit a weird posting them but for research purposes, they are here.)

My review and some not so attractive photos shot on my iphone

Starting with cleansed face

Goddess Skin Clay

The Goddess Skin Clay is packed with Bio-Nymph Peptide, Mediterranean Clay and Sweet Almond Oil and claims to leave skin smoother, plumper and glowing. The mask goes on nicely and I try some deep breathing/meditation in the 10 minutes for the clay to make my 'skin reborn' 'moisturised, dewy and clear-skinned'


I used a flannel to remove and I think it was a bit harsh. My face feels red and dry, but fine lines do look diminished.

Charlotte's award winning Magic Cream

I then apply Charlotte's award winning Magic Cream'My famous, miracle-working MAGIC CREAM contains a secret fusion of anti-ageing ingredients to instantly turnaround dull, ageing, lacklustre skin.'

I love Charlotte's Magic Cream, it smells so nice and feels like your giving your skin the biggest treat.

A smooth creamy texture leaves your face glowing. Charlotte recommends massaging the cream in to your face. I have a facial exercise routine I try and do morning and night (I might make a video one day) and I add a few extra massages in. After, your skin feels well moisturised, soft and smooth.

I have brought the full sized cream in the past,

but at £70 a pot, it's a bit beyond my budget at the moment.

Wonder Glow

'The genius award winner, WONDERGLOW uses breakthrough technology to steal UV light from its surroundings and radiate it as skin luminosity, transforming sleep-deprived skin in seconds.'

I have used Wonder Glow in the past and it does give your skin a glow, a bit too shiny for me. Sali Hughes, beauty journalist advised a busy mum, at her book signing last year, to just use Wonderglow on it's own. I do try Sali's advice and glimpse myself in the Waitrose lift mirror and you can see the glow sparkle. It's not enough coverage for me, I like to layer and I have been using it as a primer and works well.

Out of all these product Charlotte's Magic Cream is my favourite and will be putting it on birthday wish list, along with many other items from Charlotte's website, I am an addict!

I will be posting about Charlotte products, a lot and I hope to meet the inspirational lady, one day.

If you love Charlotte too, what are your favourite products? Comment below. is totally unsponsored by brands.

I need products and want to share with you my readers my thoughts on beauty, diet, exercise, looking after yourself and trying to be your best.

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