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Bowie Special

Today is a David Bowie Music Friday special, with a few favourites of videos from his archive.

I'm Afraid of American's

I'll start this Music Friday with a video by award winning directing duo Dom&Nic.

Bowie's collaboration with Trent Reznor, I'm Afraid of American's.

An absolute dream come true for the young directors in 1997.

Nic says 'He was so charming and creative with a brilliant sense of humor,

he inspires you to do your best work'


One of my favorites.

Makes me cry.

The Next Day

The title track from his 2013 Album The Next Day.

The video is a bit weird, only just seen it for my research.

Best to listen to it loud in a darkened room and jump around.

Oh! You Pretty Things

John Hassay's favourite.

Be My Wife

One for Emma Sola.

And finally a two hour BBC Radio 1 special where Bowie becomes DJ in 1979. Click the pic to listen.

There's so many great songs, everyone has their own favourite.

Enjoy listening forever.


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