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Yoga at Home

'If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented.'

In this post I explore the world of yoga at home, with my collection of DVD's and a group yoga sessions in homes.

I love exercise.

Exercise is good for you!

(not me at HQ, it is hard to take a picture of yourself whilst practising yoga, maybe I'll get a tripod and new camera?)

If you don't know much about yoga and it's benefits read this, The Yoga Journal explain really well the benefits of practising

My exercise DVD collection

I have a variety of yoga discs in my collection of exercise dvds. I like working out at home, in the morning, before breakfast. Alas since becoming a mum, I have to spring into mum duties, first thing, leaving no time for any dvd's and the thought of getting up an hour earlier is impossible.

I have tried working out with GG in the room but she puts her toys on my mat, climbs on me and I did tread on her fingers once.

My favourite yoga DVD is The Firm's Power Yoga.

A quick 35 minute practise with Kirsten Strohecker. Not a classic yoga routine but the moves are there, a lot of sun salutations, down dogs, child pose, cobra, camel, triangles etc.

It feels like a great stretch with a small amount of strength. It's not very taxing, a nice relaxing routine.

This is my go to yoga DVD, I like it because it's not to taxing and some days a stretch is all I can manage and a lot of days I do no DVD's, just lots of walking.

I highly recommend this dvd, Kirstin and the ladies are quite funny, thinking of doing a video review, let's see what happens...

Click the pic for a link to buy.

Bespoke Yoga with Tamzin

I've joined a lovely group of ladies who once a week host yoga in their houses, each taking turns, lead by Tamzin from Bespoke Yoga.

Tamzin, a dancer and instructor, travelled the world in 2015 and whilst in Goa studied the YHM training in Scaravelli inspired yoga to complement her contemporary dance principles.

She said 'It was a life changing course, eye, mind and heart opening and I left feeling like it really was a beautiful development of where I was at with my movement and body understanding through dance but added many new unexpected layers. I have found breathing and mediation to be an incredible addition to my life and I am enjoying working with mudras (hand positions) and affirmations.'

For an hour, gentle Tamzin, takes us on a journey, different every time; relaxing, strenuous, hot, cool.

Always interesting and refreshing, taking everyones bodies into consideration, she leads us through a routine, grounding ourselves, finding positivity, classic yoga poses, sun salutations, sometimes difficult moves that make your leg shake, lots of wonderful stretches and breathing.

Tamzin's love of yoga is shared.

She loves working with small groups and one to one.

'Yoga is a lovely thing to share, to bring a group of friends to spend time together being kind to ourselves is positive and rejuvenating.'

Alas I was unable to attend Tamzin's yoga session this evening, no childcare. I thought, I'd delve into my collection for a new workout and write a review...

Kundalini Yoga - Ana Brett Ravi Singh

I find Fat Free Yoga, still in it's cellophane. I must of brought it in a Ravi Singh & Ana Brett bundle, ages ago. They have loads of dvds and boast a client list of Madonna, Donna Karan, Gwyneth Paltrow and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I've always been a bit put off these dvd's as Ana looks a bit scary.

I'm pleasantly surprised, Ana demonstrates the moves and Ravi 's soft voice over with instructions. There's loads of different chapters, a few breathing routines, four 19 minute workouts plus two mediations, 'will optimise your glandular system, bring emotional healing, reduce "problem" areas, and help you attain your personal ideal'

Their Kundalini Yoga is a fusion of 'yoga, fitness and self help modalities.'

On the dvd one can pick a series of chapters to form your personal "matrix" routine.

I go for a couple of breathing exercises, fight fire with fire, life in your glands & a mediation for positivity. The breathing is nice, lots of different styles to breathe life and energy into the body. Fire with fire is the fire breathe, breathing in and out sharply through the nose and quite difficult moves, the gland section is more classic yoga moves, cat and cow and the mediation is life affirming and positive vibes.

The dvd ends with a celebration dance form Ana, which we've all seen in the green fields at festivals.

I need to find a time daily or 4 times a week where I can practise yoga or one of the other dvds. Will I find time? What are your favourite yoga dvds? I want to try the live online yoga classes Has anyone tried one of these classes, please comment below. I'm going to try this and report back, in Cazza Investigates features, one day.

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Love love,


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