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January Roundup.

I've finished the 21 day Dr Joshi detox! Hooray!!

I followed Joshi's programme pretty well, probably ate too much cheese, I don't eat meat so I don't feel too bad about it.

My sugar cravings didn't really subside. I stuck to Joshi's advice and indulged in a teaspoon of honey most days.

I love bread and there's no gluten on the detox. I don't like gluten free bread it tastes like nothing. Rye bread is really nice toasted so I had that most days for lunch with spinach and sardines or goats cheese or cottage cheese.

Dinners were either salmon with green veg or tofu stir fry or soup with rye bread. This beetroot soup from Leith's Vegetarian Bible is delicious. A friend shared this recipe, looks really tasty. Joshi's brussel sprout soup is horrid but bearable with crumbled feta.

I didn't eat enough pulses as tomatoes aren't allowed and all the recipes, I know, seem to involve them so I steered clear. Bad excuse, I should of brought this book Pulse

I ate no kale, but I'm going to add it in future and found these recipes that look healthy and interesting.

I love a cup of green tea with ginger instead of coffee and a soothing night time tea is comforting too.

A morning hot water and lemon is daily.

Breakfast; ripe banana with yoghurt and honey or gluten free porridge with banana and cinnamon or scrambled eggs on rye or gluten free cereal with rice milk or a veggie juice or a smoothie with banana, blueberries, spinach, yoghurt and rice milk. And I have made Jamie Oliver's Granola Dust from his Everyday Superfood book. I'm adding it to smoothies, yoghurt and porridge, it's yum.


I have dabbled with wheatgrass. I'll write a fascinating post about this soon, when my tray of wheatgrass has grown.

I'm trying to add turmeric to my diet, another post waiting to happen...

And I'm taking omega oil capsule and a pill for hair nails and skin.

No alcohol is allowed for the detox and I was fine until the last weekend when I really wanted a drink but resisted and am going to stay sober for a little bit longer.

Energy levels are good, no afternoon naps for 3 weeks. I wasn't able to get up at 6.30am to exercise but have squeezed in the occasional yoga dvd and also my weekly yoga with Tamzin and the lovely ladies. I'm cranking it up with Jillian now, I'll write about her soon. And the usual walking everywhere and a real workout is pushing the buggy up the big hill with the groceries.

My skin looks better, the dryness has gone and my complexion is looking brighter.

Mood; has been changeable, emotional in places.

Mediation; I downloaded the Mindfulness app. I've done it once.

And have I lost any weight? I have noticeably lost half a stone.

It's been a busy month applying KondoMari method to my life, book of the month for February where I'll share my thoughts.

I have long bangs, cut in last week, currently clipped out of the way. Contemplating cutting it shorter myself...

I'm feeling healthier and really want to continue to eat well, exercise, be positive and happy.


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