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Detox Juices

Do you need a detox juice to clean up your life? Look no further for Dr Joshi's recommendations and how they taste and do they work?

I've dusted off the juicer this week, as part of Dr Joshi's holistic detox. He lists vegetables and vegetable mixtures that are good for everyday ailments. I have done juice weeks, in the past and there's always a lot of fruit added. With Dr Joshi's holistic detox he sees fruit having too much sugar. Straight vegetable juices don't sound so appealing...

Cleansing liver


Yes, simply carrots and it is delicous, sweet and very tasty.

5 carrot sticks made 200ml

Feel cleansed.


A nice combination, don't put too much ginger in makes it too tangy.

2 beetroots, 2 celery sticks and 4cm of ginger made 200ml

Feels warming and cleansing.


Carrot, asparagus, parsley

A murky juice & I'm not sure much parsley juiced but quite pleasant.

Kidneys feel warmed.



I went to the Gurana Bar, Brighton for this shot of wheatgrass

Quite earthy but not too bad

I brought a grow it yourself kit (post coming soon)

and the wheatgrass powder which is horrid

but I'll mix it into juices because it's good for me.

Fell energised.



Straight celery sounds horrible and I was expecting a bitter taste but I was wrong.

5 sticks made 200ml of sweet green delicious juice.

Did it help the ailment, can't say it did,

but is really tasty.

Dr Joshi also suggests adding Coconut milk, pomegranate, cranberry

'for the exceptional benefits they provide'

Day 3 of the Joshi January and I'm enjoying it, no cravings for sugar and the 2 days of tiredness seems to of passed, bounced out of bed early today.

If you feel sluggish and run down after a busy festive season, try Dr Joshi's detox, I highly recommend it.

Love love,


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