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It's February, hooray! My birthday month has begun!!

I did celebrate for the whole month back in 2014, it was a special noughty year.

I had a big party, visited Morocco, treated to The Book of Mormon, queued for hours and saw Prince and closed the month with Beyonce, were she sang Happy Birthday to me

(and all the others in the crowd with birthdays)

I love to celebrate birthdays, I love parties and I love dancing!

My friends too, there's been Zoe's Studio 54 party and Debbie Does Disco weekender, both brilliant fun!

This weekend I will be turning our basement into Club Cazza.

Apologises if you haven't been invited, numbers are very limited.

I want to dance dance dance and feeling too old to go out clubbing, so I'm bringing the club home.

I have three of my favourite dj's playing, Acid Ted, Cosmic Cruisey and Nic Goffey.

I haven't got an outfit, disco inspiration on Wednesday.

And I've been researching punch recipes, I'm like the look of these.

3 cans of peach nectar

1 carton of frozen orange juice

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/2 cup peach brandy

1/4 cup grenadine syrup

1 bottle of fizzy water

3 bottles champagne

1 (16oz) carton frozen pineapple juice

1 (12oz) carton frozen orange juice

12 fluid oz of vodka

2 litre lemon-lime fizzy drink

1 jar maraschino cherries

4 oranges

2 trays of ice.

I am classically terrible at making drinks so if anyone has a better concoction please let me know.

Bring your friends together and create a club in your house.

Get mates to dj, if you're old school, 2 technics, mixer, cdj's, amp, speaker system. How about a smoke machine, strobe, disco lights and a party isn't a party without shimmer curtains and foil balloons.

Spotify playlists are also excellent and I will be getting lots of my musical friends to make playlists too.

Watch this space and subscribe and follow and share and join the fun.

Have a great month everyone!

Love love,



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