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Joshi January

Today, I started Dr Joshi's 21 day detox for the second time. I followed his holistic detox in the summer of 2013 when I wanted to look in tip top shape for Glastonbury to wear my new collection of Cazza Capes (post coming soon)

I also became pregnant that summer. I'm not claiming Dr Joshi made me pregnant, but I did feel happier, healthier, fitter and energised after following his programme.

This time I need to detox my body from a busy festive season. My skin is bad, dry, lined and spotty. My malar festoons are getting worse and making me look old. I'm always tired and often go for an afternoon nap when my toddler does and I want to look good at my birthday party in Feb. Dr Joshi is an osteopath and something of a guru, with his Indian heritage he gives Ayurvedic approach to diet and health issues. He has lots of fans, the book cover is full of quotes from his celebrity clients. Gywneth Paltrow ' Joshi is truly special. I love him.' Sadie Frost 'You completely trust yourself with Joshi. He's an amazing man.' Patsy Kensit 'Joshi is a miracle worker' My sister in law, designer Pearl Lowe, says 'Dr Joshi's fantastic. I've seen him for 15 years. I went with a shoulder problem recently and his combined treatment of acupuncture, osteopathy and amazing vitamin shot gave me loads of energy and saved my Christmas from terrible pain.'

Here we are on New Year's Day 2016.

Pearl looks amazing, I look like Thelma from Scooby Doo.

Photo credit: Betty Goffey.

Pearl inspired me to read this book.

I think Joshi's great and I highly recommend this diet.

Made up of 10 chapters, Dr Joshi's Holistic Diet, gives the principles of the diet, preparing to detox, the foods and liquids, the detox programme, maintenance after, advice on specific symptoms; mood, insomnia, skin conditions, being a few. Complementary therapies, holistic health forever; committing your body to healthy food and excercise. Ending with lots of recipes to inspire through the detox and beyond. The book has a detailed description of his holistic diet, basically only eating alkaline foods, green vegetables with a small amount of cheese, no gluten and no fruit, apart from ripe bananas. Oily fish and white meat, although I don't eat meat. During the 3 week programme Joshi plans each week with food and drink and advice on exercise, socialising and mediation. I've planned my weeks, listed all the food, drinks and supplements on a blackboard in the kitchen, so I don't forget. I brought ingredients for meals, snacks and juices, (see Wednesday for some juice combinations I've tried.) I'll be exercising daily, mostly yoga and maybe a dance class, I do like a kitchen dance most nights and I walk a lot. I have a few social events planned, exhibitions, lunches and I'll try to mediate, but I'm pretty rubbish at it. Practise does make perfect... I'm looking forward to the next 3 weeks. I have loads of stuff to do, mumming Gloria full time, reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, putting the book into action for my studio, craft cupboard and loft (report coming next month.) Visiting our French project and writing and researching the new 2016 is going to be brilliant.

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