Sister Sledge Special

February 26, 2016


Today's Music Friday 'Sister Sledge Special' with 4 of their top songs with excellent arm workout videos.



Living life is fun and we've just begun

To get our share of the worlds delights

High hopes we have for the future

Our goals in sight

No, we don't get depressed

Here's what we call our golden rule

Have faith in you and the things you do

You won't go wrong

This is our family jewel.


Wise words from the sisters, hope they've had a wonderful life together and continue to have faith.









Four of the best.


Lost In Music




















We are Family




















He's The Greatest Dancer




















Thinking of You





















The sisters are performing at Guilty Pleasures The MightyHoopLa festival at Butlins, Bognor Regis this weekend. I'll be at home recreating their dance routines, some great arm workouts in the videos and lots of inspiration.


Please share with disco lovers.

Have a great weekend,

Love love,




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