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Who's your 'My Cazza'? Me by Eva McBride

Introducing a brand new monthly feature on ‘My Cazza’

Where friends with anyone with the nickname Cazza writes 250ish words about their ‘My Cazza’. A funny story, how you met, why you love her so much, aspirations for your relationship, nice stuff. Not sure if any gripes should be aired in the 250 words - let’s see what people write?

And a few lovely photographs of you and your Cazza.

In return you will be featured on my monthly ‘My Cazza’ and I will send you 2 cazza fans, one for your ‘My Cazza’ and because you are her biggest fan, her friend.

I have 20 of my original fans left. I made them for Glastonbury 2013. The other 80 are out there somewhere or in a bin. Who knows, they do break, they are not the highest of quality, funds were limited, it was an expensive cazza year. (Sorry, not very eco.)

The original fans were a giveaway to my friends and an opportunity to take photographs. I did sell one, to a chap I had given a fan to. He broke his when he sat on it. It was in his back pocket and he was very sad he had been so careless in breaking it. He was a nice man, I met him backstage park Glastonbury 13.

No photo or name.

Here are some photos of the cazza fans out there. I really want to make some more and better quality, maybe. I have a winning fan idea that would be so cool at a festival or nightclub, it will happen one day and I might sell those too.

Who knows how many Cazzas are out there?

I’ve started following cazzas on instagram, twitter and facebook I’m not sure if my 63 follows on Instagram cazzacom account and 593 on cazzacouture know any cazzas and I'm trying to embrace twitter too. It would great to find Cazzas of The World, although in Italy it means something else, thanks Seve for telling me. Can’t imagine that many people have the nickname Cazza in Italy, I maybe wrong??

To kick things off and to get the ball rolling, my dear friend Eva Mc’Bride has written the first ‘My Cazza’ post about me. ( Sorry it’s not really all about me). We had a lovely time this weekend in Brighton. We nipped into Photomatic, new photo booth shop, to have our picture taken. We had to do it a couple of times; photo faces change over time (future post).

Here's our picture and Eva's words.



When asked to write 250 words about MY CAZZA, I wouldn't even be able to do the person justice as this subject is so dear to my heart and would be an over-emotional waffle of words.

Therefore, instead of an abundance of adjectives, I have written a MY CAZZA alphabet. I hope this helps describe my feelings more colourfully, and builds a picture of this person more fully, but all you need to know is that MY CAZZA is a best friend that any girl could dream of.

Eva McBride xx

A Awesome

B Beautiful

C Creative

D Disco

E Eloquent

F Funny (really funny)

G Glamorous

H Heroic

I Inspiring

J Joyful

K Kinetic

L Loyal

M Major

N Notorious

S Sensational

T Truthful

U Understanding

V Visionary

W Witty

X Xenial

Z Zealous


Eva's words brought tears to my eyes, she is a beautiful person, inside and out. So lovely to be loved by your friends, they are very important and showing your love to a friend. This ‘My Cazza’ feature is just a silly idea to see what would happen, who knows. I have visions of loads of lovely words and images about everyones lovely Cazza friend and it gets featured in the monthly blog and more photos of the friends with their cazza fans. Maybe there’s already a blog called ‘My Dave” where chums write a love letters to their friend, ah that would be sweet. There is a nice blog called wornwear about people with their favourite piece of Patagonia clothing, I want to get on that blog (future post).

Back to the vision, lots of lovely words and photos of the Cazzas of the World. Maybe a book or an annual, (no maybe that’s going too far)… And an exhibition of the best photos of all Cazzas, sponsored by a drinks brand or something. Hopefully it won’t just be an exhibition of me with my friends, but I will definitely do that, one day.

And if no one writes to me in the next month about their ‘My Cazza’ or if I don’t get good enough ones, I will have to ask my friends to write about me, but that would be very self indulgent or perhaps I'll talk about myself and ‘My Cazza’. Why am I called Cazza? I’m still not really sure?

This feature is all about sharing your love for your friends. I’d love this to be great, so please share and write about your ‘My Cazza’ do a photo shoot, dress up and go out, hire a professional photographer or maybe you know a keen photographer. I don’t know, let’s see what happens…

Please share with everyone and show your love for your ‘My Cazzas' of the World, email your words and images to me and subscribe to see if you’re featured in the future...

Love love,


p.s Sorry, only two fans per post, I have enough until October 2017. I’m brassic, but you never know I might make some more before then and give out more. If a group gets together to write about their ‘My Cazza” if it became a real thing, it could coincide with a birthday or a hen or something, I don’t know, it’s all new.

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