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International women inspiring happiness

These 5 International women are inspiring happiness in me. This international women list might seem quite trivial, there are millions of woman out there who are doing great things for great causes, inspiring generations. I really believe one needs to make yourself happy, love yourself, before you can nuture others.

1. Jane Goodall

English primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist.

Jane’s an international women who has worked all over the world throughout her life. Now in her 80’s, she has worked tirelessly for a better earth and happiness to it's occupents.

I watched a film of Jane talking recently and she touched me with her message to heal our world. Will there be an answer in her lifetime or even ours?

2. Jillian Michels

American, personal trainer, business woman, television personality, writer and my don of exercise. Jillian's inspiring millions of woman to better themselves, physically and emotionally. The 30 Day Shred DVD is my current and past favourite, 4 weeks to a toned body and it’s not easy, that’s what makes it great. Jillian gives motivational tidbits that let you proceed with your day in a positive frame of mind. Exercise releases endorphins that make you happy. Next months Top 5 are my top 5 favourite Jillan quotes from 30 Day Shred. She makes me happy and very toned. Last week I bounced out of bed at 6.30am to do week 2, that hasn't happened for years!

3. Amy Poehler

American actress, comedian, voice artist, director, producer and writer. I found Amy's quote on buzzfeed in January at resonated with me. We are so hard on ourselves. I would never say the things that I say to myself to my friends. ‘Your stupid’ 'Your crap at everything’ 'You look ridiculous!’ I do fall into the bad category of friend, too honest. The Pool mentioned this, thanks Lauren, very inspiring. I am honest with my friends, a little too honest sometimes, but I’m not meaning to be horrible, just helpful. It isn’t always taken that way, so I apologise. I actually have never seen any of Amy’s comedy or films or read a script she’s written, but blimey she’s a busy creative lady. I hope she is happy.

4. Sharon Salzberg

American, New York Times Best selling author and teacher of Buddhist meditation practices in the West.

I saw this interview and she has a gentle manner and her advice took me. I brought her best selling book Real HappinessThe Power of Mediation, it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve recently started mediated regulary, I have been practising manifesting meditation , sleeping and motivational meditation. I’m looking forward to reading the book. One needs to quieten the mind for peace of mind. Sharon Salzberg promoting loving, kindness and happiness and that's got to be good.

5. Tamara Freitas Siqueria

Brazilian, Happiness manager at UXUA Casa Hotel and Spa. Tamara is nominated in The Stylist’s international woman piece last week and inspired this post. Imagine being a happiness manager, not even sure I know what that means? Sounds cool and so does this hotel. I’m definitely going to bookmark this as a place to stay when we go on our South American adventures, 2021. It looks amazing there, to stay, would make me very happy.

This Top 5 international women inspiring happiness in me and maybe inspire you too?

Please share with friends and let's promoted happiness, love and kindness.

Love love,


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