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Sunglasses, Christian Lacroix and Le Specs

Spring has sprung, the sun has got it's hat on and the time has arrived to purchase some new shades. Sunglasses are very important; they protect your eyes from the suns burning glow, cover wrinkles and a multitude of sins. This months Sell Selection is one pair of sunglasses, these beautiful vintage Christian Lacroix. (I don't own many sunglasses, most lost, damaged or borrowed and never given back, I know who you are, I have the pictures…)

Presenting to you, my reader, the first opportunity to buy these gorgeous vintage Christian Lacroix sunglasses, from the brilliant Bridges and Brows, London. Lee has an amazing array of vintage sunglasses.

My Lacroix’s are gorgeous, just not on me. I’m releasing them into the universe and they are available to buy on my new cazzasellselection on ebay. Please share with your sunglasses loving friends as I would like them to go to lovely new home and be cared for and worn with splendor, looking fabulous for the whole summer and beyond.

Last months Shoe Sell Selection is now here.


There a few pairs Le Specs sunglasses, I’d like to buy. My current favourite brand, I discovered Le Specs last year at Nola Boutique, Brighton, where I have brought all my pairs. I love them, alas lost the black ones. Le Specs writes the product name inside an arm, handy if you want to replace them, I didn’t know that until last week. They are quite affordable, have great UV protection and there's loads of cool styles.

Future, past and present Le Specs:

I do hope my Christian Lacroix’s find a lovely new owner, please share with everyone on all social media platforms, a click away at the top of the page.

Enjoy the sunshine of Easter, 4 days off, woo hoo!

Undecided on this weeks Music Friday, should it be a sunglasses playlist, Easter songs or a funny lip sych film with Lozza and I?

Answers in the comments, subscribe, follow me, share with your friends, get involved.

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Love love,


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