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My Cazza : Caroline Flack by Kim Hall

Dear Cazza.

There really is only one true Cazza in my life and that is you. You're truly unique, but if there had to be another, it would be Cazza Flack.

We met the lovely and bonkers Caroline Flack during her stint at Strictly Come Dancing where she was a revelation. She really wasn't on my radar as I had never watch the programs she has hosted but swiftly fell for her kooky charms. She made dancing look like pure joy and Saturday sofa nights were filled with fun (and fizz).

I was totally embarrassed to ask for the picture as I have never courted a 'famous' bod before and had the " she'll be my best friend " fantasy in my head. (We even have matching biker jackets !) Needless to say we exchanged a few words. She was very friendly and I never saw her again ! Sometimes it's best like that ...

Big thanks to lovely Zoe for making our strictly sparkle dreams come true.



Thank you so much Kim for your lovely words and photograph. Caroline has yet to receive her fan, Kim's CAZZA fan has already been on adventures, see Instagram today. It's becoming a thing, CAZZA fans around the world. Eva on the beach in Goa, last week, where will a CAZZA fan pop up next?

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Love love,


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