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Dementia, is prevention the cure?

Dementia, is prevention the only cure?

Why am I talking about Dementia on It’s supposed to be about happiness, right? It’s a disease close to my heart and government are today debating dementia ‘one of the greatest enemies of humanity’ PM. I want to question David Cameron, why isn’t anyone talking about prevention?

Why is Dementia close to me?

My mum sadly suffers from dementia and so did my grandmothers, is it in the genes? Mum's always been a bit scatty, her condition became more apparent slowly and recently has deteriorated. Friday's post will be about this. I feel I am a prime target to get this horrible, slow and painful, mostly for the family, death. I don't want to end my life not remembering what a wonderful time I've had, for my family to see me fade away and become a upsetting stress on them. I'm using to take the advice from leading doctors and scientists, I'm using myself as an example to fight this disease. I'm no expert, I'm bringing together the research I have made, from trawling the internet and asking questions.

Government’s stance on Dementia.

Parliament is debating dementia today. The prediction of people globally with the disease is a steep rise from 36 million in 2010 to 115 million in 2050, it will affect lots of families and cost a huge amount. Wouldn't it be better to use prevention as a way of minimising the condition. As, what are they going to do with all the demented people? There's not much choice out there, the care homes will have to have rooms like prison cells, with hundreds of people sitting numb in a room for recreation. Shame not all care homes can be like this. There is a massive market to create interesting homes for the demented in the future, some enuterpernor must of thought of it?

The government’s idea is to give drug companies more funding to find a cure, pledging to increase the funding to £300million. And bringing awareness into focus and the support of sufferers and carers and the NHS. I don't think giving lots of funds to drug companies is the whole answer. My mother has taken two types of medication, to slow the onset, why would you want to slow this progressive disease, there is no cure, there’s no getting better, you’re just prolonging the agony. Why not give grants to more prevention projects with independent doctors, scientists and the Alzheimer Society?

The government are planning a dementia awareness, for over 40's but will it be enough?

Why isn’t there an amazing advertising campaign to tell the nation how to look after themselves? People might not get so many diseases and take up room in hospitals, if they ate healthy and did some exercise.

It seems madness not to think of prevention as a cure?

Expert advice and prevention.

The Alzheimer Society's leading doctor, Dr. Alison Cook, thinks the UK’s best scientists should be given “the right environment to develop better treatments and ultimately a cure” Meaning, give us some more funds!

'The best way to reduce your risk of dementia is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy a balanced Mediterranean diet rich in fruit and vegetables, oily fish and the even the occasional glass of red wine, take regular exercise and don't smoke. Of course if people are worried, it never hurts to reach for the tooth brush twice a day.’ In a piece about poor dental hygiene leading to dementia. In the Alzheimer Society's Reduce your risk page I think this need to be clearer on their website, I've sent them an email.

Sandrine Thuret's Ted Talk is fascinating about growing new brain cells, the hippocampus is an area affected by Alzheimer’s. I've been taking on some of her advice, Nic is happy, watch the film. This is a good article about exercise and diet to stop the onset. There's an excellent interview by Jane Mulkerrins with Arianna Huffington about slowing down and sleep (another topic close to my heart) Arianna mentions her friend, diminish to dementia.

Heartbreaking illness.

Due to recent mum’s condition she has moved to a home. It is very upsetting for all her family and friends, especially my dad who has cared for her so brilliantly throughout their lives together - 50 years married in September. He says her condition is like torture.

Thankfully mum is totally unaware of her illness and always says she’s 'fine' and 'good good', it’s just very hard for everyone else who loves her, to see her fade away from us.

What to do if you’re worried.

New research and funding is, alas, too late for my mum, but I’m taking it all on board and if you are concerned about this disease, affecting you and your family, the Alzheimer's Society website is an excellent source of information. Listen to advice on living well. And if you are concerned about your memory go to your GP.

What will I do?

I will be reporting back about my efforts to combat this disease and all diseases linked to a bad lifestyle.

I want to try my hardest to look after myself, be happy, healthy, in love, inspired with lots of fun and adventure. Here I am last week at LPM, strimming the potage. I will have a good life and be the best me, for myself, family, friends and fans, I have a few...

Mum used to say, as I left the house, ‘ Have fun!’ and I always will. She is and always has been the most loving, caring, kind and sweet person.

If this touches you please share, follow and sign up to Club Cazza. Don’t let David Cameron waste the precious funding he has promised. Dementia needs to be talked about and not hidden away, like it has been. Let’s try and fight this horrible disease, together.

Love love,


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