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Caroline Nollet by Rosie Gifford

My Cazza first came into focus for me at Putney High School, aged 15. We were both in our chrysalis form, just emerging out from mousy brown pudding bowls and Shakatack Clark shoes into the 'Sun In' hair, fake tan, blue eyeliner, and strange whitish cover up lipstick. We were off uncurling our wings.

Off in our bomber jackets, fast and loose in London nightclubs. Off with a fiver each. We'd head to Astoria, Mud Club, Enter the Dragon, Heaven, etc. Wild Childs.

Delving deeper into the eighties pockets, we concocted a plan; we were Peter Stringfella's daughters. Swanking around in ridiculously grown up clubs, drinking Champagne. We only finally got caught when we met the Fella himself in his bejewelled G string.

The years have flown by; through flats in South London, weddings, decades of axes to grind 5am nights, incredible children and domestic nestlings.

Cazza's energy for fun hasn't dipped. It now appears to be on full beam. Including Marathons (her, not me for gods sake!) and her famous spontaneous 'get on a flight right now' trips. She bolsters us all on with her thirst for activities.

Most recently Cazza made me get into a too tight wet suit, surfing in Devon in April with a hangover. The last time we met too, she persuaded me that Air Hop was a great idea. Cazza reminds us all we are not too old to bounce around.

Our core gang has been kept together through thick and thin.

My deep love and respect for her is boundless.

You always need a Cazza in your life.

Lucky me. Xxx


Thank you so much Rosie for writing this fab piece about your My Cazza, she sounds a great lady! Fans winging their way to you soon.

Do you have a great Cazza in your life? Would you like to write 250ish words about her and your friendship? Please send here and attach some quality photographs. You two could appear on this monthly, very niche, feature My Cazza. I would love to unite the Cazza's of the World and give them and their friend a fan, we all need a fan.

Please sign up to Club Cazza and maybe you can win a fan too.

Love love,


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