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Eurovision Cazza Classics

I love Eurovision!

It's one of the many reasons May is my 2nd favourite month. I've compiled a YouTube playlist of Eurovision Cazza Classics, including Abba, Bucks Fizz and Conchita Wurst.

Do you love Eurovision and have funny Eurovision memories of watching? Or do you think it's a load of old rubbish and wouldn't waste your time?

Nostalgia and fun

I have nostalgic memories of watching as a child, with a room full of people usually the same weekend as FA Cup Final and that always meant a huge social get together with my parents friends and their children.

The gatherings have continued, some small with just a couple of friends, others much more raucous with dressing up as countries and score boards. I even factored Eurovision into my hen. I didn't see much and there were cries of 'Turn this crap off' I should of been in a room with just one. Watching can't be too loud as you have to hear the music and see the staging, always brilliant fun with lots of silly dressing up, a little gallery of the best...

The Event

I like seeing how the event evolves. The early days were so basic with a conductor and orchestra, simple stage, maybe a mere shimmer curtain in the back ground. Now it's a full LED stage with crazy dancers and costumes, 'drum shoes' will always be a highlight and mostly a power ballad as the winner. There's some great old videos on YouTube, I've made a little playlist of my favourites.

Winner 2017?

I have a vision and I have written a presentation to a dear friend who I totally believe can win the competition without harming her career and only gaining more love from her fans and the millions more she will have ever after. The experience will be the most hilarious, crazy adventure with amazing memories forever, it would be a highlight of my life. She is 'very tempted'!

Eurovision 2014

2014 was the best year, the day Gloria was born. We sat in the living room eating pizza, watching Eurovision with the boys, our new family.

GG naming

Thought we might find her name, we wanted a G to go with Goffey. There was the winner of Junior Eurovision, 11 year old, Gaia Cauchi. Singing 'If I believe it, I will achieve it and reach for the stars.' She wanted to win the Eurovision for Malta in 5 years time...

We chose Gloria, just seemed right and so many Gloria songs, not just the two everyone knows. Music Friday one day...

I'm not sure it's Gloria's destiny to win Eurovision, you never know. I wish Gaia all the best, I'll be watching in 2019 and will I make the white booths in Eurovision 2017, let's see what happens...

Enjoy Eurovision for what it is, a great gathering with friends and European countries, not taking themselves too seriously for a funny evening of song, performance, costume, overall; our categories of choice.

Have fun and a great weekend.

Love love,


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