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All You Need Is Love playlist

Today's Music Friday is inspired by this weeks Top 5 Secrets to a Happy Marriage, following my advice and looking for songs in Spotify to fit. Love, caring, holiday, sexy times, exercise, eating well, talking, nurture.

My husband is the master mix tap/compilation creator, I'm learning.

All You Need Is Love mix is a mish mash, all songs I like and a couple of weird ones too. The strange Caring by Q Tip, the funny Just A Little by Liberty X, classic by The Beatles and a great find by Tiffany. Infinity Ink How Do I Love You, makes me hair dance, I made a little film for fun.

Not all songs were appropriate no kindness songs, just an artist, the best Listen song wasn't right for this mix but a great lip synch and Love Is All found a sweet song, not really about love.

Join Club Cazza to never miss a beat, ha!

Have a great weekend,

Thank you for reading.

Love love,


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