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Cazza Cakes presents #cupcakeday

Yes Cakes not Capes!

When I read the Alzheimer Society’s #cupcakeday whisked up to raise awareness and funds for dementia research, I thought yes, I’ll get involved every penny towards helping prevent and cure this horrible disease, Dementia, is a step closer to sparing thousands of families the long and painful loss of their loved ones.

Cazza Cakes

I was happy to revisit an old idea, way back in 2007 I loved making cupcakes, made them all the time, ate them too, delicious. My husband made me a compilation cd Cazza Cakes 2008 for my birthday and I thought of having a coffee and cupcake van to go to parties, festivals and shoots for afternoon tea. The trailer was going to be a curved cube covered in swinging sequins so it glittered along, it was going to be cool. But I’d never get round to that idea, I think if anyone took this idea it would be a successful business, is anyone doing it already?

Cazza Cakes 2008 cd, it is Music Friday.

I only just re listened to Cazza Cakes 2008, well, I imported the cd into itunes which is playing up and only listened to the first song. I’m excited as I found the lost song for the first Cazzasize video. I’m in training for Glastonbury and will film my first follow me exercise routines, you’ll see it in a few weeks…

Cazza Cakes 2016 playlist

My husband whipped up Cazza Cakes 2016 for #cupcakeday. A 1.39hr playlist. I love it and him.

I hope you enjoy it too, it's a perfect accompaniment to baking cakes.

Cazza Cakes presents #cupcakeday.

I invited all the lovely ladies I know in Brighton and Hove and we had a splendid 2 hours.

I made 36 cupcakes;

Double chocolate cupcake from the brilliant Annie Riggs Christmas Cupcake book, I just didn’t add the robins…

The very berry cupcake from the excellent Marks and Spencer cupcake book, a fruit sponge with cream cheese icing and sugared raspberries and blueberries.

I over cooked these slightly but the berry juice works so well when you bite into the cake, delicious.

Turkish Delight, pistachio sponge with white chocolate and turkish delight topping. This cake has always divided opinions, ‘best cake I’ve ever tasted’ to ‘tastes like washing up liquid.’ It's my favourite and there are loads left...


We raised £79 and more friends that couldn't attend have asked to donate. I have opened a Cazza Charity Just Giving page here so if you would like to donate to Alzheimers Society via my page please do. I'm thinking of a couple more ways to raise funds for the important research into stopping this terrible disease, I'll keep you posted.

The afternoon was delightful, thank you to those who came and gave so generously.

The Champion Cupcake! Annie Riggs double chocolate cupcakes, the meriange butter icing sugar is amazing, hand whisking a mergina doesn't work,the mixture was a bit running, so i added loads of icing sugar to thicken it up and it was so fluffy and light. The double chocolate sponge was bouncy and a joy. They were all eaten.

Enjoy Nic's mix, and please share with any cake baking friends.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great weekend.

Love love,


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