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Happy - Smiley Cazza Capes Glastonbury 2013 film

Today is Music Friday, How can one remain happy with the news of the madness of the UK to leave the EU?

I will continue with my planned post, I hope you find some happiness watching my film.

Glastonbury, Glastonbury, Glastonbury, Glastonbury! (Sing to the Film 90 theme)

Glastonbury Festival is the greatest music festival, so diverse and huge and bountiful. Our yearly pilgrimage to the fields of Worthy Farm happens again today.

I'm soooooo excited!!!

In 2013 for my dear friend, I made 50 Smiley Cazza Capes for his special birthday year.

I look forward to seeing all you loons! The film is 2.49 minutes of silliness, I hope you enjoy.

Please share and link and join Club Cazza, my fan club.

I have made 100 neon Cazza Fans Glastonbury 2016, get in touch if you're at the festival and would like one. More photos next week.

Love love,


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