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Caroline Lucas

I met Caroline Lucas recently after Cazza Investigates: Dementia; is prevention the cure in April 2016. Caroline Lucas is my MP and I’m so thankful. She has a positive vision of the future and I’d love to her to do everything in her power to remain in the EU.

I refuse to feel negative about this current political situation.

Why worry about the uncertainty and what will happen? Nobody knows, anything could happen…

I haven’t seen much news all weekend.

I attended Glastonbury Festival, I couldn’t talk about the crazy result of the referendum because it made me too angry. I wanted to enjoy the energy of the music, dance, love, unity and helpfulness of everyone there. There was a chilled feel this year, the weather didn’t help, it was a trudge and hard at times. We did had lots of fun; this year was one of the best! I’m dedicating July to the people I met Glastonbury Festival 2016, such an inspiration.

Today there is more important news.

We have to feel positive that the decision on Friday 24th June will change and we will remain in the EU and be a United Kingdom.

Voters - 48.1%

Graduates - 76%

18-25 - 65%

Scotland 62%

Northern Ireland 55.8%

London to remain

Brighton to remain

What is wrong with the rest of the nation?

Have they been swayed by lies, not been educated correctly, not been listened to, reacting to a government that only looks after the rich, a sharper hashtag, easy to understand phases, a controlling press, why are the people so unhappy with the EU, do the leave voters realise what they have done?

We have to look after everyone in the country.

Properly fund the NHS, bringing back a great care system for the nation, give more money to education, stop university fees, house the homeless, don’t be swayed by a media empire and corporations who make loads of money just for themselves. Our current government got us in this situation, everyone needs to wake up.

Caroline Lucas is an inspirational woman.

An excellent MP who stands up for unity, compassion and looking after our world. She raised my Dementia post in Parliament and hopes to meet again to discuss the future. I wish her all the luck to become the new joint leader of the Green Party and do everything in her power to remain part for the EU.

What can we do?

Think #Brin

Totally believe we have the power to change this result and become Great Britain again.

We can make a difference, please be positive and I hope we can be happy.

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Thank you for reading.

Love love,


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