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Stand On The Positive Side

Today’s Music Friday has been a hard choice with all the news.

I try not to watch or listen, blocking out the negativity. The news pops up on my feed and my friends and husband tell me, it's too depressing and makes me cry.

It all seems like a bad dream. The current situation in government is hard enough understand, let alone the horrendous news late last night of families enjoying their freedom, being tragically killed.

There is a lot of unnecessary death in the world, why can’t we all live peace and understand we are all different and that’s ok, just be nice.

My eternally optimistic friend Jamie Cruisey suggested this record for Music Friday, thank you!

Please join Club Cazza for Music Friday and more.

Have a great weekend whatever you do!

And maybe if everyone can think positively and do something, however small, to change the current situation, please do! It seems a stupid idea that one person can make a difference, perhaps 48% or more could?

Please like and share.

Peace and love love,


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