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Top 5 best folding sun hats online

The summer is here, hooray hooray!!

Have you got your sun hat ready for your holiday, where are you going? A beach, city break, rural France?

I love hats and I've been looking for the ultimate folding sun hat for years. One that easily tows away and fits in your bag. I often get caught out by our changeable weather.

The sun is a huge skin ager. I'm trying to avoid, not very successfully, anything that ages the skin; sugar, gluten, alcohol, dairy, all the nice stuff.

Having very fair skin and being half Irish, I cannot be in the sun. So I trawled the internet looking for the best folding sun hats.

Here are my Top 5 folding sun hats online.


cazza folding sun hats 1

A bit middle aged, perfect for village life in rural France, trips to gardens and markets. I was channeling a bit of Lesley Duncan in One Year in Provence, her wardrobe is brilliantly 90's; Baggy shirts, blues, chambray, denim, straw hats. Folds nicely, could do with a little bag to keep it in when rolled.


cazza folding sun hats 2

The classic Panama hat, looks crisp and smart, too pristine for me, it would get ruined immediately. My last Panama got puked on whilst in my bag, not by me, my daughter. It has quite a bulky roll and would need a case or tube to keep.


cazza folding sun hats 3

A sweet woven sunhat, great for the beach. Doesn't fold very well and the weave already getting baggy.


cazza folding sun hats 4

The amazing pop out hat comes with it's own bag, looks super cool on my friend, alas not on me.


cazza folding sun hats 5

A favourite with uber stylish Catherine Baba, the fan hat, it folds neatly, looks rather silly on me.

Buying a sun hat is very important to protect yourself. Do you own a folding sun hat? Where do you go to buy yours?

Searching online and buying a loads to try on a home is a fun way. Also having the excuse to go to a local market to find an array of straw hats. I'll keep you posted.

Will I ever find my perfect sunhat? Maybe I should just make one? Please send your links to the best folding hats online here.

Let me know your thoughts, comment, share, follow me and join Club Cazza. I have 4 fans to give away to the next new members. You'll never miss a post, there's lots coming up... My first cazzasize film this Music Friday, August is all about France and September is beauty.

Thank you for reading,

Love love,



The photo's were taken using my new Olympus Pen E-PL7 camera. I've been getting to grips with this much talked about camera, why is it the blogger's number 1 choice? (review coming soon) I used two soft box lights, camera on tripod, using the custom self timer.

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