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Top 5 glamping essentials

Glamping is one of the biggest booms in camping, essential if you are living in a tent for more than a weekend, one needs some comfort.

We are camping at LPM, our French project to renovate an old farm house and barns as a beautiful space for friends and friends of friends of friends to come and stay and relax. The cottage isn't finished so we are camping in the garden again, we camped last year too. This year we have a proper garden table and chairs, gazebo, awning, electric lamp, uber sound system, even a mirror ball! We are camping for 3 weeks, do you think you could hack it with changeable weather, outside shower, blow up mattresses and toddler moods? One needs a few things to make one happy...

top 5 glamping LPM camp 2016

Here are my Top 5 essential glamping essentials.

1 The ultimate bell tent.

top 5 glamping bell tent

I love our Belinda, the 5 metre ultimate bell tent we bought from Bell Tent UK 6 years ago, she has served us well. Made from strong canvas, the ground sheet unzips to let the breeze through, one central pole and takes 10 minutes to erect. She is a hefty lady at 28 kg, not great for festivals if you have to drag her across 3 fields before entering the site, a trolley is required and a strong person. Well worth the effort as she can shelter many weary souls and lively ones from the rain and sun. We have a inner tent with one room, two rooms are available, might be good to contain children. (memo for the future)

This tent is an investment piece and only worth buying of you are planning many camping holidays with children or friends. The tent was re water proofed and cleaned last year, she does need looking after.

2. Solar jar

top 5 glamping consol solar jar

This Consol Sonnenglas is a great invention from South Africa. A big jam jar with a solar panel on the lid and a little metal disc that flips over to give a lovely glow. They are water resistant and charge up on a cloudy day too. Perfect for camping, gardens, patios, balconies. We have had them for 2 years ands still going strong.

(blurry pic, trop tard et vin)

3. Hammock

top 5 glamping hamanica hammock

I love hammocks and two tress 3 metre apart on our terrace, not quite wide enough but I contacted Hamanica found on etsy and they made one a little shorter. Beautifully hand tied with beads and tassels, perfect for an afternoon nap or late night tales.

4. Cazza camp mirror

top 5 glamping cazza camp mirror

I made this mirror for camping years ago, I pack it every time. I was thinking to go into production as one of my Top 5 Cazza festival essentials. One has to look your best when at festival and in company. Small enough to pack in bag and can be used as a table too.

5. Cushions and rugs.

top 5  glamping cazza cushions and rugs

Perfect for feeling comfortable and homely, specially if it rains and you want to stay inside and keep cosy.

I made my cazza rug and the cushions from old curtains, they come away every time.

NB : Nothing can replace a proper mattress and pillows. We are travelling and camping so we are trying out some new products we bought from Higear.

Top 5 glamping age of reason scarves as pillow slips

This years blow up mattress is self inflating and about 5 cm thick, totally fine for a weekend away, packs small and is light. We have tried many blow up mattress in the past and I think this is the best, the others always need batteries or charging or a lot of puff to blow up and are usually big and heavy.

I like these cute blow up pillows. They are self inflating and you can adjust the air to get the perfect pressure. I cover them with Age of Reason silk scarves. I am lucky to be one of Ali's 'Glambassadors' She has generously given me lots of beautiful scarves. Ali is a very talented lady, producing beautiful hand drawn and painted silk scarves and now clothes and homewares. Silk pillow slips are supposed to help with night wrinkles and feel soft on your face. I hope there will be Age of Reason range soon.

I hope I have inspired you to glam up your camping experience. There are a ton of websites out there with all sorts of great glamping buys. Have a browse and let me know of anything to add to our experience.

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Love love,


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