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Cazzasize 4 Too Much Information

Cazzasize is one of my crazy ideas, to inspire myself and you to exercise.

Exercise is the best form of medicine proved to keep your body, mind and mood lifted.

I love dancing and often bursting into exercise routines in my kitchen, do you too?

This month inspired by gorgeous friend Becky, her big birthday tomorrow. I asked for her favourite songs and picked Too Much Information by Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra An 8.5 minute Laolu remix to make a Cazzasize video to inspire her to exercise ( a drunk idea )

Cazzasize 4

I shot the film this week and on viewing have decided it's best for everyone it doesn't show the light of day...

( Cazzasize 3 didn't make it to edit either ) So instead of canceling today's post, I am printing my intentions, Cazzasize 4 film will be brilliant one day, just not today.

The Song; Too Much Information. The routine; start slow with a warm up, followed by gentle leg lifts, squat section with arms then aerobic running on the spot into star jumps then cool down at the end. Phew! 8.5 minutes it's a total work, only managed two takes and both a bit embarrassing...

Sorry to disappoint, I have such high hopes for Cazzasize, I visualise it being amazing, alas, you cannot rush brilliance, one day... watch this space.

Join Club Cazza to follow me and see if my dreams come true and I hope to inspire you to follow your dreams.

How about you? What is your biggest dream?

Have a nice weekend. The sun will shine!

Love love,


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