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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

My new monthly feature #BOTM Book of The Month to inspire myself and you. Join me, buy the book, read and apply to improve your life.

I read and applied Marie Kondo's book earlier in the year, leading me to ask the question " Can one Spark Joy in all your life?" Dr Carol Dweck's Mindset questioning fixed or growth mindsets. Nigma Talib's Reverse The Signs of Ageing about how to look and feel young. Books are knowledge, do you want to grow as a person to learn new things, be your best?

I am a believer in positive thought, after an epiphany in 2007 at Bestival. Life is good, I am happy, healthy, full of love, fun and adventure. But why do I feel are there a few corners than need straightening out? Some annoying niggles, not quite happy in 'that' area or 'this' zone. Can one be happy in all your life?

Positive thought works, it's amazing!

This book has been on the shelf for a while, inspired by Charlotte Tilbury, a fan of The Secret. She tells all her staff to read the book. It's fascinating, your thoughts create your future, you are the master of your destiny.

Negative Vibes

I know a lot of people think it's 'a load of old rubbish' and 'dangerous' One can very easily get carried away, World Peace, anyone? Can you lose your mind to positive thought? Maybe, lost in a fantasy world of visualisation, where one is too busy in ones head to make the visions actions. But according to The Secret, have no fear, your dreams, wishes, hopes will come true. Doubts will block your path.

The Secret

Packed full of quotes from positive thinkers and life coaches The Secret explains simply how to achieve your best future with lots of useful advice, with The Secret Revealed, How To Use, The Secret to Money, Relationships, Health, World, You and Life. Everything is covered to help you think in a different way to make yourself happy and inspired. Is it that hard? Don't let the bad thoughts in, only think good stuff, say thank you and visualise the future.

There's all sorts of great advice including weight

We all fluctuate in weight, cakes are hard to resist sometimes. Don't think 'I'm fat and over weight.' Focus on the size you look best and stay within half a stone. Think when you last looked great, find the photos, look at them daily, imagine yourself that size and weirdly, you will. It'll just happen. You try it and let me know if it worked.

Like brings like

Sad and bad

If you are miserable, sad and depressed, thinking those thoughts will make you feel bad. Twitch your thoughts, catch yourself thinking negatively, change the channel, think of something positive, visualise your best future.


Find things to be happy about and focus on those, even something small, a smell, taste, sensation. Gratitude is key. Say thank for for the good things in your life, morning and night with a few deep breathes. Try it and see if your mood lifts?

Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne inspired by Law of Attraction guru Bob Proctor

The book is

'Dedicated to You

May The Secret bring you love and joy your entire existence.

That this my intention to you, and for the world.'

Rhonda has written a book to inspire you to find true happiness. We all different, we have different journey's. Would you love to be the best you?

Thank you

I would love you to read and apply The Secret and see can your perfect future come true?

Try an visualisation video, here's my favourite.

Thank you for reading, please let me know your thoughts. Will you read the book?

Join Club Cazza to see if my dreams come true. Anyone fancy a ride in my new car?

Love love,


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