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Top 5 ways to stop climate change

I have a dream that I can make a difference in this world. Do you dream the same? Worrying new evidence has come to light about the future of our planet, climate change is real and will effect us all. Let's be positive and believe we can stop climate change, no matter how small.

This week the World Meteorological Organisation reported 2016 is set to be the warmest year, Leonardo Di Caprico's Before The Flood film is a complete look at global warming and the new US Presdient Elect doesn't believe in climate change! Joking he was cold 'where's this global warming when we need it, I'm freezing!' He's not alone in his denial, our own government abolished the Department for Energy and Climate Change and appointed a climate change sceptic Andrea Leadsom to head up a new Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Has the world gone mad? Can these government officials not see what is happening? Is a quick buck more important than the future of our planet and the lives of billions of people?

What can we do? I'm attending a talk on Friday with Caroline Lucas MP leader of The Green Party and Vivienne Westwood, designer and activist, she has her own website dedicated to Climate Revolution and I plan to ask them that question.

I have complied my Top 5 ways to stop climate change, it's an important issue everyone should be acting to help stop. I could of written a top 100, some have...

1. Renewable Energy

A new report shows the UK produced more energy from solar then coal in the last quarter, most of our energy comes from gas fired stations and why is our UK government investing in nuclear power station over wind turbines to generate our energy? Shame they could have looked at Denmark and see their 100% renewable energy and China, due to the extreme pollution, caused by making cheap products for the world, has created a fog making their population ill. Climate change is in the news daily from protest marches, their hand has been forced and now are the biggest manufacturer of solar power hoping to be 30% renewable by 2020.

Elon Musk and his company Tesla have invented a battery to harness solar energy, coming to the UK in February 2017. Meaning solar energy can be stored when it's cloudy or night time. The company are also developing a roof tile that is a solar panel, a genius idea, just need to start saving. New technology is never cheap, remember how much a VHS recorder was in the 80's? The batteries are £6000 each and then the panels too, looking at about £15,000, not to everyones budget, but something to save for and in time, it will become cheaper.

There are green energy companies, Ecotrcity and Ovo Energy like offer renewable along with usual energy methods. Your provider might have a green option too. Do check out if interested.

2. Change your diet

I know eating a burger, a good old spag bol and the Dean Street Town House bowl of mince are all delicious, but after watching Cowspiracy in 2014 I gave up my last meat (I said farewell to chicken and the rest after seeing Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his chicken show) Producing beef creates huge amounts of harmful gases in the atmosphere, a reduction or cutting out is best. And Pringles are bad too, they are produced with palm oil, a cheap oil alternative found in loads of products. A massive reason millions of acres of rain forest are being burnt and cut down in Indonesia. Eating local food from responsible sources is the way to go. And if you really want to be hard core eco, go vegan. I tried but I love eggs, cheese and honey.

3. Recycle

This is made super easy by most UK councils where they collect your recycle waste. There's no need to throw much into land fill, some places even collect your old food for compost and if you're lucky enough to have a garden, you could do it yourself. A short trip to the local dump for bigger items, it's not hard and makes a huge difference.

4. Remember your 'Bag for Life'

How many time have you forgotten your bag for life when in the supermarket? I've done it loads of times and kick myself until I invented the best way to always remember.

Since October 2015, there has been a charge for plastic bags from shops, which has seen a gigantic drop in waste plastic, hard to bio degrade and terrible for creatures, 'Sea turtles often mistake plastic bags floating in the ocean for jellyfish, their favourite food. Thousands die every year choking on plastic bags.'source

See my video to remember your bag for life.

5. Walk or cycle

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, easy to clock up 3 miles in 45 minutes. Although I have recently been gifted a car, my first for 20 years, I use it sparingly and much prefer to pound the pavements, just think of your 10,000 steps a day. Cycling is clean and great for fitness too, gets you places fast, 10 miles in 45 minutes.


The list to stop climate change could go on and on; turn off lights, unplug electrics, change your light bulbs, hang out your washing, plant trees, email your mp, go on marches, educate our fellow citizens and children. Our earth is beautiful, let's keep it that way.

Let me know of your top ways to stop climate change and I'll report back Caroline and Vivienne's answers when I ask my question.

Thank you for reading and please share and like and join Club Cazza for more inspiring posts. Have I inspired you? Please leave me a comment or email me here.

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