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Manifest your dreams

Manifesting is positive thought, you visualise your dreams and they come true. Does it really work?

I'm manifesting the most amazing Christmas List this year! What's on yours?

The Olympus Pen camera, came to me through mediation. I'd been lusting after, since Sarah @ No Bull Blog School raved about it. The bloggers camera of choice, you can change the lens, connect to wi fi quickly and has manual, program, aperture and shutter priority, amazing photos, etc etc etc.

I had to have it! ! I tried to blag the Pen with no luck. (I'm rubbish at blagging, maybe if I twitch my thoughts I could get better... )

Luckily a styling job came out of the blue with dear friends and met some ace new people. I wasn't expecting payment, my first for 2 years ( full time mumming rewards with other riches, apart from occasionally when it's so monotonous you want to run from the house screaming)

And I won the Grand National with Rule The World! I was so happy, I jumped for joy!!

Extreme excitement when the camera arrived, alas, stuck on auto for the first 6 months despite reading Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs

I enrolled in a Beginners Photography Course, very basic, great to play with my camera for two hours with an expert help, a fellow graduate of BA Editorial Photography. Yes I have a degree in photography, you may know that and I LOVE photographs. The pictures are improving And I have tons of ideas and projects I can't wait to share with you.

This is my favourite manifestation mediation I send it to my friends, some success!

Manifestation works! Remember the purple GG shoes? It's not all about products and buying things, you can manifest a mood and hopefully change the future, who knows, does group manifestation work? ( future investigation)

A healer intuitive consultant popped up in a sponsored post on Facebook recently, Christie Marie Sheldon and watched this video on YouTube, she is fascinating!! Giving insights to vibrations and blockages, guided mediations, she has a quirky way about her and laughs a lot. Her 'five choices to make to change your future' Number 2. Be love, be joy, play more. I'd love to meet her, one day... She removes blockages to bring abundance through manifestation.

Is this all a load of mumbo jumbo or is there something in it?

When manifestation doesn't work...

I have had lots of ideas that haven't worked from manifestation, is that due to my lack of preparation (Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.) Lack of desire, still waiting for the manifestation to work? Maybe there are some blockages, who knows.

Isn't it better to try than not? What have you got to lose?

What are your 3 wishes? Please try the mediation, pick one easy one and see the magic happen.

Please let me know of any manifesting success, I'd love to her your stories.

Comment below, if you can or comment on Instagram.

Have a great week, what would make it better? Manifest it!

Love love,


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