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Cazzatron - Disco Computer

This time last year, dear friend Debbie Cartwright had a super birthday party with a disco dancing competition, DDDC15!

I became CazzaTron, dancing to Disco Computer with weird neon beard makeup and a disco cape that lit up, see my funny film, heavy filter, sped up, couple of titles ( I'm a beginner on iMovie, I need a lesson)

I was super chuffed to win Best Solo Dance, seen here wth my trophy, with 3 straight 10's! Thank you! Thank you!!

That weekend, elated by my win, I decided to change to a blog sharing my stories, ideas and thoughts with the world, to inspire myself and my reader, followers and fans.

Thanks to all my family and friends for inspiring me and helping me to achieve my dreams, we all need a little help from our friends.

Thank you DC for organising a great party, can't wait for DDDC25!

Here's the CazzaTron film, enjoy!

It's the weekend, have fun!

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Love love,


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