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How to have a Christmas Carol evening

Are you feeling Chrismassy? Fancy gathering your friends for an evening of festive cheer? Here are my top tips for hosting your own Christmas Carol evening as I'm busy preparing our annual Christmas Carol's at HQ, the tree is up!

We started back in 2006 when we moved into HQ, our house in central Brighton, many evenings and lots of fun. I would include a great picture library, but my photos are a BIG mess, next year they will be sorted!!

Top 5 things to make your night swing!

Song book, festive treats, strong mulled wine, accompaniment and great pals.

Our song book holds 30 classic Christmas songs with lyrics, loving printed and revised over the years. Would you be interested in a downloadable pdf file to print your own song book at home? Let me know and I'll post next year...

I made a Spotify list of our favourite 30, so many versions of every song, not all great... Some might say our drunken walling may sound like a roaring din, but we LOVE it! Apologises if you've never been invited, our living room isn't huge, a cosy twenty just about fits. Maybe a Club Cazza Christmas one day...

This weekend we see the return of Joss Peach on the piano, always makes for a jolly time. We did try a karaoke dvd one year and I have played Silent Night like Les Dawson, sometimes we have guitars, there have been a few acapella years and always lots of percussion.

To get the merriment really going, I suggest a vodka fuelled mulled wine, rosy cheeks all round. This year we are following 'The Little Book of Hygge' receipe for Glogg

I'm off to make some Leith's pecan snowballs and Nigella's pistachio chocolate fudge... I'll Instagram some pix! Mince pies, stollen, cocktail sausages, olive lollipops, cheese straws, Christmas cupcakes, you can go crazy on the treats...

Gather your friends for some Christmas cheer! You're sure to have a fabulous time.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Love love,


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