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Come Together - Primal Scream


How are you?

I hope you have had a good week, I have had one of the best weeks EVER!!! I met a total Rock Hero on Wednesday, alas I didn't get a photo with him, but I'm sure we'll meet again some sunny day... Primal Scream are one of my favourite bands and I was lucky enough to watch them at the top venue in Brighton with my best bird.

The song, Come Together will be an anthem for positive change in this country! We need to come together and become 1 to spread peace, love and happiness, to look to the future in a positive way and work together to cure this country of it's backward system.

Always look to the future, the past is the past, we cannot change it but we can learn from it.

Times are changing, 2016 has been so hard for many, we have lost Music Heroes and National Treasures, we are so lucky to have them and an amazing documentation for their brilliant work to inspire us and future generations.

Come Together was released in 1991 and on an epic album Screamadelica, one of my favourites of all time. Here's the Spotify link to remind yourself of it's brilliance. And buy it at your local record store for a youngster this Christmas to inspire them.

Thank you so much for visiting, please join Club Cazza, I would love to change the world and together we can!

Peace and love love love,


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