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Is World Peace by 2060 Possible?

Hi, I'm Cazza, I come in peace!

Now World Peace... Now, what is Cazza on about now?? Has she really lost her mind?? Crazy Cazza Mad Cazza and her silly ideas... The idea of World Peace always seemed a bit far fetched even for me. Every year it's at the top of my husbands Christmas list and it wasn't until recently that I started to believe it was possible.

I'm a believer in positive thought and look at a problem with the idea of 'make no small plans' and 'dream BIG', I like to visualise the future in a positive way and I think I've come up with a genius plan!!


2016 is been a funny old year, we have lost so many music heroes and national treasures, everyone I know including myself has had something difficult to deal with this year; illness, death, divorce, depression etc.. It seems the world has gone mad!! All the bombing and destruction, the Dakota Pipeline, Brexit, The US Election result!!!!!!!

Flo and Joan sum up the year brilliantly with this funny, rather sweary song, The 2016 song.

There is so much negative energy around, the news only broadcasts horrible stories and the press, prints hatred and lies, it's distressing. I don't watch or read any of it. There is so much greed, we are living in a world that 1% rule the 99%, that is so unbalanced, why should some have so much when others are starving with nothing? It seems governments just lie, have you seen Hyper Normalisation Adam Curtis' brilliant documentary and follow it by listening to Adam's Interview with Javis Cocker, very interesting

The Party

I've thought about a new caring political party called The Party, #positive change Have fun whilst mending our country. The anthem is Come Together we are One. To promote there are huge parties all over the land engaging the youth and everyone, little tea parties with the oldies or disco's with 60's music for the baby boomers ( dancing is the best form of exercise) The parties will have positive visuals to entertain and educate. The Party only invests in renewable energy and promoting renewable energy companies and in time making energy so cheap or even free. A fair tax system, saving and healing the nhs, taking advice from Ken Robinson and Dr Carol Dweck for education, fairly paying doctors, nurses and teachers, who do an amazing job. Doing a Portugal on the drug policy, investing in caring for the less fortunate, bringing industry back to the UK to create jobs. Basically teaching, nurturing, loving politics. Who would vote for The Party? Would you?

There will be a revolution in peace, love and happiness!!

The good vibrations will grow when everyone starts thinking this new way of living is possible. We have to start with ourselves, I know a lot of people are miserable, I've been there done that, thinking positively is much more fun, we all need to work on ourselves finding Inner Peace, Self Love and True Happiness.

I am on a quest for #positive change I refuse to enter 2017 with negative thoughts.

Maybe I am mad to think this is possible, but no one else is coming up with a better idea and The Party sounds fun.

I LOVE parties!!!

So World Peace by 2060, my life time according to my Indian guru, see post. Chade Meng Tan, the author of my BOTM, thinks by mediating, clearing the mind, calming down, one with find empathy with others and pure happiness that will vibrate to heal the world and help everyone on this planet have a happy healthy wealthy life full of love fun and adventure? Now have I gone too far...

We are only here once, we have one life, why not make it amazing!

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Peace and love love love,


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