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Music Friday Joan Baez Forever Young and more

For today's Music Friday I visited Spotify on a quest to find the best version of Bob Dylan's Forever Young, after my Reverse The signs of Ageing post and was reminded of the beautiful voice of Joan Baez and found again my favourite Joan Baez song, Diamonds and Rust and the lovely, Farewell Angelina. There's a link to a documentary about Joan's life, singer and activist and Joan, still forever young at a recent Trump rally in America. She is a shining example to keep active throughout your life and stay Forever Young!


Forever Young

Diamonds and Rust

Farewell Angelina

If you've never heard of Joan Baez and want to know more about one of Dylan's best friends in the 60's here's a documentary about the singer, How Sweet The Sound

At a recent anti Trump rally in America

For more songs, Joan has had a long career with hundreds of albums, her artist Spotify link is here

Let's all stay forever young and look after ourselves!

Please join Club Cazza, I'll be hosting live events this year to meet and connect and talk about ideas, everyone is welcome to join! See you in the pub!!

Have a great weekend.

Peace, love and happiness,


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