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Top 5 rainbow colour restaurants in Europe

My Top 5 rainbow coloured restaurants in Europe.

Do you love beautiful surroundings whilst eating?

Anyone fancy lunch in February? Let's make a date!

1. Sketch restaurant London

Pretty pink, perfect for afternoon tea.

2. Bar Botanique, Amsterdam

Gorgeous green for a weekend away brunch.

3. Groucho members club restaurant London

Masculine blue for a power lunch.

4. Le Frandrin, Paris

Golden yellow for a late supper.

5. The Siegel Canteen, Hamburg

Outrageous orange for a psychedelic cocktail.

Actually part of a museum, Verner Panton’s Spiegel Canteen – the canteen of the publishing house of the “Spiegel” magazine, imagine having such here everyday?

So what is your favourite? Where would you like to go and when?

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Peace, love and happiness,


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