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Top 5 ways to keep the honeymoon in your relationship

Happy Valentines Day!

Love love love everyday!!

Relationships need nurture everyday, not just once a year. As Issac Newton said 'A closed system will naturally fall apart over time unless energy is put back into the system from the outside'

I recently watched a video with Jon Butcher from My Life Book, 'Lifebook is a complete life-development system for creating your very best life.' Looking at 12 areas of life, writing your dreams and creating goals to make your wishes come true.

Jon has been married for 25 years to Missy they have 4 children, a few grandchildren, is 50, looks 30, travels the world with his family, has a ridiculously uber designed house in America, he is living his dream. He has 5 interesting points about keeping the honeymoon stage in your relationship alive, I thought I'd share them on this Valentine's Day, to keep your love alive everyday.

1. Overnight date once a week.

A whole night together once a week, seems impractical for most couples, finance, childcare, time. The point is scheduled loving time. This is important to keep your bond strong, it's easy to get lost in a busy life maybe going to bed at the same time and having a cuddle or schedule a time at least once a week, maybe whilst your child is at drama club on a Saturday morning??

2. Habitual Connection.

Jon and his wife walk around the grounds of their estate every evening hand in hand to connect and talk about the day. This could be done in your kitchen sitting at the dining table, it's about taking time daily to check in with each other.

3. A week a year together, chilling and visualising the next year together.

Love this idea, maybe a weekend is easier, a couple of nights away, an adventure and time alone. Talk about future plans, be excited about your joint visions.

4. Document Your Love.

Jon and Missy have hundreds of photographs together on their travels round the world. Jon now makes art with their images, it's his thing. Photographs are important to remember the love and record it for ever more, I have lots of photos with my husband, he is shy so just the one today.

5. Love Requires Action.

Show your love in deeds, little love notes by her coffee, a bunch of flowers, cup of tea in bed, lie in at the weekend. Basically kindness and consideration, taking time to show your love.

I hope you are happy and in love, maybe some or all of these points will help and keep the love alive in your relationship. Happy Valentines day and love love love everyday!!

Peace, love and happiness,


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