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Cazza's Top 5 Victorinox penknives

Can you be an adventurer without a penknife? Have you ever owned a penknife and why is it a dream of mine to design my own Cazza penknife?

I have become a collector of Victorinox penknives over the years, all gifts from loved ones. They are so useful when adventuring, essential when festivaling, handy when camping and perfect for costume designing. I'm sure I'm not the only lady with a keen interest in these neat clever blades. It's not just about the knife it's the implements that make them so brilliant.


My Top 5 Victorinox Penknives

1. Cazza designed Victorinox Penknife

Ever since I was given my number 4 penknife I started designing my own Cazza Victorinox Penknife, a perfect girls penknife for festivals, camping, costume designing and a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Imagine a sleek black or gold or silver penknife hanging from a beautiful chain. A mirror inlaid on one side to check your perfect lipstick and make up mishaps (smudged eyeliner, black eye blobs, lippy on teeth etc) with a host of great tools to help you.

Cazza Victorinox Penknife is a festival must have!

The CVP is a classic shape like image shown but with with 2 tool channels

A penknife isn't a penknife without a blade.

The scissors; a must.

Nail file with screw driver; handy.

A key ring; to hang from the beautiful chain.

Tweezers; essential.

Toothpick; standard.


Cuticle pusher; a definite.

Philips screwdriver, cap lifter; needed.

Mini light; helpful in dark tents.

Retractable ball point pen; for jotting down notes.


Mirror; inlaid on the side.

Can you imagine the Cazza Victorinox penknife?

It will be so cool!

Would you buy one? I can see a launch party at Glastonbury 2019, it would be so much fun!

What elements would you have on your penknife?

2. The lost one...

My first penknife bought by my husband, it's somewhere in a memory box, I can't remember where, a cute yellow standard with I heart U.

Pic missing...

3. Silver Tiffany & Co 'Simply The Best'

Given this at Bestival 2005 for a pair of sunglasses, I lucked out! A best mans present and the owner really did the those sunglasses at the time, pic at bottom of post. I hang the penknife on a chain and wear when costume designing and making.

4. Christopher Raeburn Penknife.

Gifted this penknife at Glastonbury 2013, it's always on my festival lanyard and inspired my own design. It has so many features I love, the retractable pen, mini light, cuticle pusher, philips screwdriver with cap lift, classic scissors and nile file. Not so needed all the blades, there are 3, a ruler, a sharp hook or the cut and picker blade with scrapper.

I love this penknife, a total inspiration!

5. Cazza Penknife

Yes, I have a penknife with my name on it and peace, love and happiness the other side. With some penknives you can get messages printed. A Christmas gift from my darling stepson's.

I picked for this penknife for my Top 5 penknives. It is big and a bit scary, look at the size of the blade! I'm sure it will come in handy, it has a cork screw, little driver, bottle opener, big scissors and a hook. Had to look up the uses of this tool, added as in Switzerland they recycle newspapers bound up in string and helps to pick up these and plastic shopping bags and hay bales, might come in handy, one day...


I would LOVE my CVP, a dream come true.

Victorinox make the best penknives!


Follow your dreams! Do you have a dream? Are you following it to come true or does it sit on a thought shelf and you entertain it occasionally? Take action and make your dreams come true!

Join Club Cazza too, another dream to inspire many with my experiences, investigations and ideas.

Thank you for reading,

Peace, love and happiness,




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