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Let's Go To The Farm playlist

I love SPOTIFY! Inspired by my Top 5 family farms in Sussex on Tuesday. Investigated 'farm' to make a playlist, about an hour long for the car rides, also came across an old favourite band and searched for kiddie farm songs, wonder if she'll like the choices? What do you think?



First up the classic 90's band The Farm and their 1991 album Spartacus with top tunes; Higher and Higher, Groovy Train and All Together Now. A great trip back to my teens and a perfect 58 mins long.


Then a search of 'Farm' in songs and a rocky mix developed with Aerosmith, The Who, Dead Moon, White Denim, Motorhead and Nirvana. Mixed up with a bit of Out Of Africa soundtrack and the not very kiddie friendly track, Run Ganjah Farmer, a new love For Yashar's Farm by Mountain, strangely very dancable and finishing on All Together Now. I have so much fun making up these mixes, dancing round the room, lots more songs on there too, check it out!



One of the tracks is by Uncle Kimo and Friends, a chap singing and playing his ukulele, his new album Classic Children's Songs is super sweet and all the classic farm songs, Old Macdonald, Baa Baa black Sheep, The Farmer in The Dell, bingo, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Little Bunny Foo Foo...


Thank you for reading and listening. I hope I may of inspired you to make playlists for your car journey's to farms or where ever.

Are you off on adventures? It is the weekend! Alas we are in quarantine with GG and a hideous case of chicken pox, bless her.


Join Club Cazza for update on Music Friday posts, who knows what will be next week, do send me a playlist if you'd like to be featured.

Love love love,


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