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Summer 2017 Cazza Fans at Glastonbury

WooHoo! Glastonbury 2017 was amazing!

I was lucky to be there. I spent weeks sundancing and preparing myself; diet, exercise and making my new summer 2017 Cazza fans, just in time.

Last year I made orange Glastonbury 2016 fans, to say thank you to all for the brilliant festival, they were a hit!

This year I want a yellow fan to encourage the sun and peace, love and happiness signs to bring joy to many. None more joyous than me!

Yes! I danced on stage with Chic. I spent all Sunday pampering myself; face mask, stretches, rest and visualising I will dance on stage with Chic and it will be sunny and it was brilliant!! I'm lucky, I know a few people and my lovely friend Emma Reynolds, the award winning stage manager of the Pyramid stage, sorted it for us and we had such fun and a photo with Mr Nile Rogers too! ( coming soon) The best part was when Kimberley took one of my fans and we fanned each other. I was so happy and my friends and family found it hilarious, joy joy joy! (July's theme)

I took most of the fans to give out to friends and lovely people I met. I didn't take lots of photos, too much fun. The fans were gratefully received, meeting friends saying 'Thank you you saved my life, it was so hot in NYC Download' and lots of moments at the festival. The weather was perfect, a little rain to keep the dust down, mostly cloud, steaming temperatures are unbearable and of course sunshine! It was bliss!!


Here's a gallery of my favourite photos.


Did you receive a Summer 2017 peace, love and happiness fan? Do you have a great photo with it, please instagram #cazzafans

I have a few to buy in my new shop. I promise the fan will bring you joy this summer. Keep cool and use it for your sun dances, have you a special event coming up?

Thank you Glastonbury Festival for a fantastic weekend; great to see my friends, be with my husband and watch amazing bands and dj's.

Thank you for reading.

Peace, love love love and happiness,


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