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Chic at Glastonbury 2017 featuring Cazza

Good Times!!!

I might dine out on my dancing on stage with Chic story for a while.... Hahahaha! Still buzzing from a brilliant Glastonbury 2017 and the amazing time at 50.38 mins on this film of Chic at Glastonbury this year.

We missed most of the show whilst getting a drink then searching for a gap in the wall, a slight panic as we couldn't find the right gate, then a door magically opened to see Emma, Pyramid stage manager, in beautiful sunshine. The band were playing Lucky, Emma said ' This is your song!!' So true. I remember the year it came out we sang and danced to it all summer, a absolute classic!!

Nile Rogers has written so many amazing songs, his band is tight and Kimberley and the other singer, sorry didn't catch her name, were incredible, perfect party music!

I spent all Thursday afternoon packing up my peace, love and happiness fans for my winners whilst watching this film and jumping up to dance and workshop Cazzasize routines.

Have fun in whatever you do!

To cheer you up whenever, watch the whole film. Nile Rogers in an inspiration and I hope to meet the 'Captain of Cool' one day again. I am brimming with ideas!!!

There is a photo with me, Nile, Nick, Emma, her cousin and his mate somewhere, when I find it I will post it!

Sending you so much peace, love love love and happiness.

Have a great weekend,

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Love love love,


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