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Joy Division - Les Bains Douches

July is the month of JOY!

My intention was a literal playlist of joy songs... failing to find one that filled me with even happiness, Joy Division kept popping up. The origin of the bands name is far from joyful, however Joy Division was a great post punk band with some cracking songs!

Les Bains Douches is a live recording from 1979, raw and powerful, Ian Curtis' voice, Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner on guitar and the brilliant drumming of Stephan Morris. Turn the lights down, have a few bevvies and take yourself back to Paris, would of been an amazing gig to see.

I'm busy prepping The Festival of Joy styling event, happening tomo Saturday 8th July. Email for the details and come on over for some fun; capes, scarves, bags, make up, photo booth, amaze energy balls, cazza cakes and more! Full report next week and an uplifting Festival of Joy playlist.

Have a great weekend!

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Love love love,


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