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Jump Cazzasize

Joyous July continues with a Jump Cazzasize, literally jumping for joy! With Girls Aloud version of the classic Jump song.

A high energy 3.40 minute routine with lots of jumping; star jumps, spring star jumps, squats jumps and heel jumps (for when things get too much.)

Jump Cazzasize is fun fitness, jump for joy and follow me!


Cazzasize JUMP

Have you followed me in Cazzasize JUMP film I don't mind if you just laugh at how silly I look, I do pull funny faces, look really short and sound a bit like an elephant falling to the ground.

I had such fun making this film, it's full of joy!! My biggest wish is to inspire happiness.

Please share with your friends and join my Cazza Fan Club, you will get a chance to win a classic Cazza fan, all my newsletters and much much more...

And yes, the Revi Cape in the corner is for sale, email me for details.

Love love love,


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