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Ca va bien?

French month continues on with Musique, the best of Daft Punk Volume 1 and our favourite radio station to dramatically drive around country lanes.

Daft Punk, my favourite French duo making top tunes for years, this Musique volume 1 has classic songs Around The World, One More Time, Harder Better Faster Stronger and many more.


Musique Radio is my favourite radio station to drive round the French country lanes. Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Musicals. Souring dramatic soundtracks to thunderstorm drives, the brilliant CanCan through fields of sunflowers and Bing, Sammy and Frank whizzing down the autoroute, tune in for your drives. 

France is massive and driving anywhere takes hours, liven up your journey's with these two Musique choices.

What are your favourite French tunes? Leave me a comment, we all need inspiration.

Have a bon weekend, whatever you do.

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Love love love,


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