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Money manifestation and the money mix

A new idea for one post a week, merging my Tuesday inspiration with Music Friday in 'Something for The Weekend!'



September 2017 is money month on and to make cazza a creative success, a business needs to make money.

'Money is the root of all evil' 'Money is bad' 'Money changes you' 'Money can't buy love' 'Talking about money is uncouth' 'Be careful with money' 'Save your money for a rainy day' 'Times are hard' 'Money doesn't bring happiness' 'I have no money!' 'Money is bad' 'I hate money'

These phases and more will block you from receiving any money, everything you say is true. It is true because you/me/one says it all the time.

You can't help yourself! You have bills rolling, you can't afford anything, you look at your bank account and it's gone into overdraft again and charged 40 quid to push you farther in the red, argh!

I have no money!!!

By saying this to yourself over and over, you will have no money.

How about trying out,

'I have lots of money, money loves me, I make money so easily, all my creative ideas are a success, all my dreams come true.'

Money Manifestation, sounds a bit crazy! Like lying to yourself, living in a fantasy world.


You think and believe an amount of money is yours and it comes to you?

Yes, it's true.

I have tried it and it works.

Last Christmas I believed a sum of money was coming to me and it did, double the amount. I was surprised and delighted! Although very careful and a bit scared to spend it. I still have money hang ups, they are ingrained, I'm working on them.

To manifest money: Think of an amount of money or item; house, car, holiday, let's call it a dream and totally believe this will come to you. See your dream, visualise everything, create a mood board or scrap book, be specific and know what you want.

Saying 'I want more money' doesn't work. You have to be clear and focused.

There are few different techniques to manifest money, you could write your dream out 55 times nightly by candlelight with essential oils or you could sit quietly and think about your dream, believe your dream money is coming to you and magically in strange ways your money will come to you.

Try it and see.

My all time favourite Manifestation Mediation and a new mediation shared by The Astro Twins with Terri Cole for Virgo season, time to get ordered and sort stuff out!

There are always things we need to buy to improve our lives, what are your Top 5 next purchases?


1. Gucci handbag

2. Adventure to Iceland

3. LPM swimming pool

4. Fun flat

5. Citron 2CV

There are loads more purchases and I'm not a big consumerist. I buy second hand clothes, wear my husbands old jeans and a few sequins...

Know what you want, how much money, what dream, what business and believe you will have dream success!

Good luck! And please share any money manifestations to inspire us.



Love creating playlists? Spotify makes this so easy.

The Money Mix is a classic playlist featuring The O'Jay's, Arcade Fire, Lana Del Ray, Ennio Morricone, Barrett Strong, Donna Summer, ABBA and more.



Festival season is in full swing this weekend, proper Bestival moves to Dorset, hope it's not as hilly as the Isle of Wight, the weather looks horrid. Festival No. 6 is back for another Portmeirion adventure and we are off to the Goodwood Revival. I'm channeling the Queen with my outfit; two piece suit, wellies, raincoat, scarf. Pics coming soon.



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Have fun, what ever you do.

Love love love,


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