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Are you a Badass at Making Money?

Money month continues on with are you a badass at making money?

I've just finished Jen Sinceros' best selling book, You Are A Badass at Making Money, this month's BOTM. Can I really master the mindset of wealth and go from £1.21 in my cazza account to all the money I dream of? I'm not talking rich like a castle made of gold, snakeskin shoes and a 60 ft yacht. Just enough to have a happy, healthy, wealthy life full of love, fun and adventure.

Have you ever thought to change your complete to gain money? Do you read motivational money books? Is money important to you? Are you hiding your talents due to terrifying fear? Do you dream of more in life?

I love Jen’s book, she’s a great writer, so funny, all her stories from living in a garage to mastering her mindset, spending an absolute fortune on coaching, letting go of her limiting belief's and propelling herself to best selling, smash hit, motivational coach, much loved by all her fans.

Jen is an inspiration.

Her book is packed with useful advice to change your old bad thoughts and habits, to know your desires and why, be focused and never give up.

​A whole chapter dedicated to Tenacity; determination and persistence.

I wasn't sure I had any whilst reading the book, it’s taken me months to complete. Determination was something I lacked; bad habits of Facebook and Instagram, I’m easily distracted.

Persistence, yes. I love writing, it inspires me to read and organise myself. I'm proud I have posted pretty consistently for 21 months, that's great going for me. I would of quit had it not been my new mindset and love from my lovely fans, hi!

Jen writes about curveballs. Things try and knock you off the path of your ultimate dream, like a job offer, prohibition (a story about an American drinks company during the US depression) your laziness, lack of commitment, busy ness, life. I've had a few curve balls; offers to buy my domain, lack of time and technology and lots of 'what's the point?' It's easy to make excuses to block you from your dreams.

Jen says stay true to your why and keep going.

Jen writes about patience. Keeping calm, get organised, have a schedule and plan for the future. Break everything down into missions until your dream comes true.

Your dream may take years, make your missions fun, enjoy the journey!

Reading Jen's book has helped me see the future, sounds crazy right? You have to go into fantasy land to see what you want in life.

Know what you want and it will come to you, have faith and gratitude.

Jen writes about inner wealth and self love, meditation, affirmations, confidence, being nice.

'Money is good!'

Jen loves a Money Mantra, "I love money and money loves me!' Say it over and and over, write it down tons of times, put signs up around your house. Everyone would think I've gone mad! 'Cazza's so obsessed about money, it's all she talks about. It's so crass'

Jen also says not everyone will like cazza-new and that's ok.

Money makes me happy!

When you have money you can do fun stuff; like go on weekends away, dinners out, gigs, holiday's, adventures, treat your family, sponsor your friends for amazing feats, give to charity, start a charity, change the world.

Jen suggests just 15 minutes a day; meditating, reading motivational books, writing affirmations, journalling, visualising your future and the universe will align to make all your dreams come true.

Jen also says to make money you have to spend money and tells the story of how she spent $85,000 on a coaching course. She flew across America to ask a friend to lend her the money. The lovely friend agreed and Jen paid her back after writing her first best selling book 'You Are a Badass.'

Jen is an excellent writer, a real gift. After years of earning a meagre wage from small publications, she had a wake up call to take action to be a successful writer and improve her life. Jen employed a coach and says it’s essential to your success, elite athletes have coaches, why not you?

If you want to improve yourself, do you need a coach or can you do it yourself by reading and applying books?

I would of definitely given up if I hadn't read Dr Carol Dweck's Mindset book, post here. I love a motivation / self help book, see BOOKS

Can I now after reading ‘You Are a Badass at Making Money’ propel to a place of inspiration to make my and your dreams come true?

Or will my website still be unread by millions, look homemade, badly written with little/no photography.

Should I spend money to redesign my website and get an amazing mentor? Or using my life coaching skills coach myself to awesomeness?

I dream of inspiring you to follow your dreams, all your dreams, however big or small.

I am on a mission, watch this space…

Join Cazza Fan Club for all my posts to inspire happiness, follow your dreams, dreams come true and win a classic Cazza fan, next new member wins!

Jen has inspired me so much, buy her book, read, have a laugh, apply her advice. 15 minutes a day doesn't seem so much. A bit of time for yourself and see how how things change?

I sat on the beach for 5 minutes and mediated today.

It was bliss.

Sit now for a few minutes and think of anything that makes you happy, do something for you this weekend.


It is Music Friday!

LCD Soundsystem play in London this weekend, here’s a live show at Madison Sq Garden to get the live feel or their classic debut 2005 album

I’ll be dancing round the kitchen and air drumming. I’m sure Jen would too.

Have a great weekend, whatever you do!

Love love love,


Please leave me a comment; too long, boring, inspiring, funny, good luck, you go girl!

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