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Top 5 natural ways for a good sleep continues this October 2017, as autumn arrives the bears, bats and hedgehogs are getting tucked up for their 6 month hibernation, the nights drawing in, seemed apt to dedicate a whole month to sleep, important for a healthy life resting your brain and body to restore, keeping you young. Lots of research, articles and books all about sleep, one of my Top 5 ways to stay young and healthy. Cazza asleep

Having suffered from spells of insomnia, mostly during high times of high stress; when my mum moved into her nursing home, when her dementia worsened and last Christmas when I thought she was going to die. My doctor prescribed some sleeping pills and a visit to a psychotherapist , see World peace by 2060. Doctor D, said '1 night no sleep; ok, 2 nights; worry and 3rd; take a sleeping pill.'

Arianna Huffington’s book The Sleep Revolution a fascinating read, has a chapter all about the sleep industry and the vast array of pills on offer to American's, Ambien sounds terrifying, you think you are asleep but do things like eat the contents of your fridge or drive your car whilst unconsciously asleep!

There have to be better ways to get a good nights sleep than a pill.

Cazza's Top 5 natural ways for a good sleep.


Total silence is needed for sleep and earplugs are a must! Especially with noisy student neighbours; slamming doors and laughing hysterically. Or a cry from GG across the hall, (I did wear earplugs when sleep training, it took 3 days, hopefully not scaring her for life) There are lots of earplugs on the market and to find your perfect pair you must try a few. snore store is a good source, my favourites Spark Plugs Husband favours Mighty Plugs, he has to contend with my hideous snoring! ( snore ring coming soon) Find your dream pair and enjoy the peace.

2. Banana water or night time tea.

A nail technician recommended banana water before bed for a restful night, the magnesium and potassium are great for relaxation and aids deep sleep. Cut the top and bottom off the banana, slice, add to a saucepan with 400ml or water and maybe some ciniamme, boil and simmer for 10 minutes, sieve into a cup and drink the water, it’s deliciously sweet and my slumber was great.

If banana water sounds horrid to you, night time teas are a good alternative Pukka and Neals yard both have blends to calm you before bed.

3. Lavender on your pillow.

Lavender is a calming essential oil, research shows a few drops on your pillow and a whiff of scent before you drop off will prolong your deep sleep and wake up more refreshed. The smell is so soothing and instantly relaxing, sleep does improve.

4. Sleep Mediations

Focusing on your breathe rather than constant chatter in your head will relax you before sleep, my new favourite; an in breathe for 10 out for 15, manage as many as you can and then breathe gently in and out. Push any thoughts away and continue…

Arianna writes about a breathing technique popularised by Dr. Andrew Weil, the 4-7-8 method, in through your nose for 4, hold for 7, out for 8 with a whooshing sound though your mouth, apparently with practise can put you to sleep in one minute!

You Tube has a ton of sleep meditations, not all good.

This mediation did drop me off and made me laugh, it's quite trippy.

A dream of mine is to make mediation music, one day...

This is one to try a yoga sleep mediation.

The downside to listen in bed are the headphones and waking up with a weird pain from sleeping on your side squashing your ear or when ones phone clanks on the floor, sharply awaken you.

5. Sesame oil on your feet and bamboo socks

This advice came from a friend via her acupuncturist, she was suffering insomnia from the stress of her dad’s dementia and claimed the sesame socks worked wonders. Always up for a new sleep technique so rushed out and bought some sesame oil from a supermarket and bamboo socks from boots and had a couple of lovely nights sleep.

The smell was a bit too much for me and not very sexy to sleep in socks. When you are suffering from sleepless nights it is worth a try.

There are lots of recommendations for a night time routine; warm bath, darkened room, cool temperature, no screens! Research shows having your phone near you at night is bad! How else are you going to know the time or listen to sleep mediations? You can dim the screen to a bedtime setting.

Let me know any other ways to have a natural nights sleep in the comments below. I'd love to hear your ideas.

7 hours sleep or more is the best, unbroken!

Sweet dreams...

It is Music Friday and something for the weekend, the much played Sleep playlist, featuring Graham Nash, The Beatles, Radiohead, The Smiths, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland and more

I’m listening to find the perfect song for Cazzasize Sleep, coming soon… well that’s the intentions, let’s see what happens.

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Have a wonderful sleep.

Love love love ,


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