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Cazza Journal: Dementia, sponsor walk, meditation and Dusty served as therapy for me when full time mumming became draining and my mothers Dementia made me look at myself. I wanted to remember me and all about me, my stories, sort my 250,000 photos, investigate ways to stay on tip top form over 40, give myself a Mid Life Review, what is wrong with me?

Why is so crap all the time?

I know, I thought, if I start writing about how I’m improving myself, upgrading myself, VIP me! I will inspire like minded lovelies to be the best them.

The only way is up!

Do you want an amazing view from the Penthouse, to look back on life and be happy?

To have accepted any limitations that held you back all your life.


Get over them and be the inspiration you want to be! continues, still a bit crappy, practise makes perfect…

Now a new journal style.

What’s happening in the world of cazza this week.


The week started with a trip to Bexhill to see my mum, after our 2 weeks away in France, her condition has worsened, she can’t sit up straight or swallow. Thankfully she is safe, warm and loved.

Seems the universe was listening and a Alzheimer Research funding push came through the door, with 3 different research projects that desperately need funding.

I wrote to all the leading doctors to ask them is there any research into stopping the proteins in the brain from forming, how about preventing the problem instead of curing?

Dementia sufferers currently have no hope, their condition will deteriorate over many years; from forgetting minor things, to repeating phases, to getting lost and falling over, unable to speak, sing, smile, swallow finally starved to death. A stroke might kill them at any time or heart attack, this is different for all sufferers, no ones path is the same.

Dementia is a horrible death.

Hopefully they’ll have a loving family to care for them and pots of money to pay for the care.

The Alzheimer Society sent through an email about Liz, in hospital after a fall at her care home, the home decided they couldn’t care for her needs and she wouldn’t be able to return. Stuck in a crowded hospital, her grand daughter became under increasing pressure to find ‘any home’ that would take her. So sad. What would happen to Liz if she didn’t have her grand daughter?

What is going to happen in the future? When there’s 2 million people with Dementia, I’ll be 76 and I hope I’m not one of them. Let’s hope the 2050 prediction is wrong and a prevention to the protein which damages the brain will be found. Dementia research is massively under funded, they get little help from the government.

I felt a bit guilty as I’d bought a new coat and could of sent the research the money instead...


Rebound Store on Brighton Seafront. A great array of vintage, designer, accessories and rad trainers.

A must visit next time your down by the sea.

To make up for my selfish ways there will be sponsored walk for Alzheimer Research very soon.

Last year’s Dementia Walk was lovely, hope to see you there in a couple of weeks.

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Cazza Challenge.

Meditation is good for your brain. Set your phone timer to 10 mins and sit or lie and relax. Focus on your breathe, in and out. Any thoughts come to your head, notice them and then back to the breathe, in and out. My favourite place, on the beach listening to the waves…

Have a wonderful weekend, what ever you do.

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Love love love,


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