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Ann Ford 1943-2017

My darling mum died this week, peacefully holding dad’s hand. We spent the day singing songs, reading poems and saying thank you, I love you and good bye, it was the perfect end to a heartbreaking 6 year decline from Dementia.

Ann Ford was kind, caring, loving and patient. I’m so lucky to have her as my mum, she is an inspiration.

Her Irish eyes shined, she lit up a room with her glow, she was beautiful and was loved dearly by everyone.

Mum taught me never to be bored, be thankful for everything, be happy, have fun and love.

Thank you for all your thoughts, messages, love and hugs.

We lost our mum years ago, she is now in her heaven, surely greeted by open arms of the angels.

I’m in west London, near where mum grew up to see one of her and my favourites Emiliana Torrini singing with the Colourist. Fishermans Woman is her classic album, treasures as Today has been ok, Sunny Road and Nothing brings me down.

Love Love Love,


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