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Cazza Journal : Calming technique and advice on keeping your brain healthy.

Cazza Journal 24.11.17

This week we had a beautiful goodbye to mum, calming technique for keeping calm in my half of the eulogy. My investigating to having a healthy brain and a smoothie recipe.


We had a lovely day, the sun shone, the church was packed, my brother and I read the eulogy. was lovely to see lots of old faces and new all remembering Mum as a lovely sweet, kind and caring lady, my inspiration.


I practised keeping calm in the heavy travel and whizz round the back streets of Brighton to escape the queues on the way to the funeral.

I used my calming techniques; very long deep breathes and one hand holding the opposite wrist.

When ever I felt emotion, I practised. It was quite tricky to get through Katie Melua on Radio 2.

I kept calm!

After rehearsing the eulogy the night before, sobbing my eyes out. I had to practise over and over finding the key moments. I learned to control my emotion with the breathe, deep in and out. The NLP tip of holding your wrist with the opposite hand really helps slow the heart beat.

My half of the eulogy was the sweet and lovely, my brother read her early life story. We both did our dad and mum proud and the compliments flooded us with emotion.


These two Ted Talks are really interesting if you’re worried you may have the Dementia gene. My grandmother and mother followed the same path with their Alzheimer’s, diagnosed at 68, gone 7 years later. Here are my investigations on the most recent advice to keep your brain healthy.

'Alzheimer's doesn't have to be your brain's destiny', says neuroscientist and author of "Still Alice," Lisa Genova. Her Ted Talk is fascinating, funny and scientific. Alice talks about the workings of the brain and what you can do to slow the risk of Dementia. She says 1 in 2 people have the gene to develop the illness. She gives advice to help you address your behaviour.

‘Deep sleep is a power cleanse for the brain’ See Top 5 ways for Natural Sleep

Exercise - Dr. Neal Barnard says walking briskly for 40 minutes 3 times a week is all you need to stay healthy.

Learn something new - doing a crossword isn’t challenging and strengthen your brain because you are relying on things you have learnt. To strengthen your brain you have to learn something new. I’ve been practising the piano, will i play silent Night with no mistakes at this years HQ Christmas Carols?

Socialise - seeing family and friends is so important. It’s easy to lose connection. We all have busy lives with work, children, chores… Make a date!

Neal Barnard' Power foods for the Brain is well worth a watch and take note.

Dr Barnard list’s all the foods that are good for you and not.


Cheese is a no!!!!!! I love cheese, I bought some vegan cheese, yet to investigate…

And foods which help brain power.

Mango - very good for you and a smoothie below for a power packed morning smoothie.

Nuts - a handful a day sprinkled on your breakfast.

Watch the film, it is packed with interesting facts.


I found this recipe in Bills Brighton for a Green Smoothie, a sweet peppery taste, packed with power power food; mango, spinach and kale, it’s delicious!

1 mango

two handfuls of spinach

2 handfuls of kale

250ml coconut water


A childhood sweetheart died this week David Cassidy with hits I Think I Love You, Daydreamer, How Can I Be Sure, Cherish, I Woke Up In Love This Morning Here are his greatest hits to remember

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Have a great day, whatever you do!

Love love love,


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