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Cazza Journal; meltdown recovery, fundraising and winter warmer recipe

It’s December!! Festive season has begun, a bit early for an emotional meltdown, how I found peace again, news of my fundraising for Alzheimer’s Research UK and a delicious warming dinner.


It was hardly surprising to have a meltdown on a Tuesday morning, a typical day to feel emotional after a busy weekend; a fabulous party and half my usual 8 hours of sleep. I was making a deck. What’s a deck? A PDF proposal for The Twelve Days of Christmas Jumpers! With limited time and expertise in the graphic design field, please see An out pouring of self hate and uselessness ensued and being punched in the face by my 3.5 year old didn’t help matters.

I’m very lucky to have a wonderful husband and brilliant friends who gave me time and help.

And a car journey listening to Jen Sincero bought me back into a positive state of mind.

Whenever you have an emotional meltdown, please don’t wallow. Go for a walk, talk to a supportive friend, listen to uplifting music or a positive meditation. The feelings will pass, your judgement is temporally clouded, the moment will change. You are amazing!


Alzheimer’s Research UK have tons of Christmas fundraising ideas. I’m on a mission to raise lots of money for this very important area of research. Currently there is no hope for dementia sufferers. I believe there is hope for the future and have fun ways to raise funds.

Christmas Jumper Memory Walk.

Lots of lovely ladies are joining me tomorrow on the Christmas Jumper Memory Walk in London. Meeting at Blackfriars station south entrance at 12.30pm and walking north and south of the river passing 3 markets and a beauty charity sale. Busy customising a jumper to make Christmassy, printing maps, finding layers to keep warm and the hip flask…

To donate please go to

The Twelve Days of Christmas Jumpers

The Instagram online auction over 12 days with donations from family and friends including TV star Zoe Ball and Strictly’s belle Daisy Lowe, Supergrass’ Danny Goffey, International superstar dj Damian Lazarus, Icelandic wonder Emiliana Torrini and gorgeous vintage shops from around Brighton and leads on more celebrities… Launch is next Friday 8th, auction starts Saturday 9th December follow me on Instagram to bid! Perfect Christmas gift for your loved one or you! And raising lots of money for ARUK.


Cooking from recipe books a couple of times a week mixes things up and make dinner more interesting.

I love Jenny Chandler’s Pulse book. Lots of delicious recipes from Soups to Stylish Starters, Vegetarian Mains and The Full Monty for the carnivores.

I chose the Mung Bean casserole, I’ve never seen or tasted a mung bean before and I’m pleased to report they are delicious! This recipe has loads of favours and textures and so hearty for a winter evening. There is a lot of chopping and the recipe takes an hour and half to cook, not great for mid week, dinner was late… It was worth it.

Bananarama were fabulous at the Brighton Centre last night, so much fun, classic pop! Three inspiring women back together after a long break they even sang Shakespeare Sister’s Stay. Here’s The Greatest Hits to dance around and keep warm!

Love my ladies!!

Have great weekend whatever you do!

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Love love love,


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